What Is Visual Poetry?

Posted by Mason Thomasen on February 11th, 2021

What is visual poetry? Visual poetry is a poetry that employs images to tell a story or tell a dream. Some poetic terms for images are figurative, idiom, and metrical. Some literary terms for images are allusive, fable, lyric, and metrical. Many literary critics regard this genre of poetry as an offshoot of creative non-traditionalism. Traditional poetic writing usually depends on apparatus like similes and metaphors. In contrast, visual poets experimentation with elements which are not normally seen in poetic writing. Some examples of visual poems comprise Dadaism, surrealism, pop, Japanese Zen, mountain painting, along with other forms. What is visual poetry is dependent upon the artist's use of imagery. Pictures can be used to provide both text and images to accompany the poem. Images in visual poetry are used to describe natural phenomena, individual characteristics, or objects. A few examples of images in visual poetry include mountain scenes, blossoming flowers, cityscapes, and abstractions. As an example, if we look at some instances in William Blake's"The Red Cross," we can see the pain of a broken heart, a girl kneeling in distress, birds gathered around a body, and a mountain stream with a waterfall. Billy Collins produced a set of pictures and illustrations that he utilized in his poetry. He employed what is visual poetry to tell tales about his beloved topic. For instance, 1 poem includes the lines"Once upon a time there was a small woman who sat under a tree to read a book. Her hair was white as snow, her palms had been fair as the moon, And her smile was like the grin of the angel" For more details kindly visit What is visual poetry.

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