Bridal Updos to Recreate for Your Big Day

Posted by ukaizen on February 11th, 2021

Special updos is the ideal choicefor wedding hairstyle for brides. This form of hairstyle offers a classic and elegant look while keeping the hair away from the face and back. Brides with long hair have a ton of options like braids, chignons, buns, etc. And for those who don’t seem to have long hair, you can always talk to their hairstylist to use hair extensions. There choices are many. The following are a few bridal updos that are done by the best hair spa salons in Pune. You can consider recreating them for your big day. 

  1. Classic Chignon – Many get confused between a bun and chignon. The chignon is a type of style allowing the hair to be tucked underneath, offering the bride to show off their bare shoulders in a classy way. While the bun offers a wraparound look. 
  1. Twisted – The twisted style looks polished and finished on the bride. It is possible with the work of the hairstylist to give a braided effect via low knots around the back and side of the hair. This style works wonders if the bride wants to show off the top portion of her back. 
  1. Headband – If you wish to be carefree instead of constantly focussing on the hair, then consider using a headband. Using a headband may be old-schoolyet it is still able to offer that chic look without you having to mind your hair all the time.  
  1. Sparkle – Accessories such as sparkle can offer your hair a style of elegance. You will definitely love the majestic feeling of looking stunning giving your hair an elevation. 
  1. Whimsical – This style offers a bohemian and rustic look by making you weara few rogue pieces. It is bound to give you a look that will perfectly frame your face for the photo shoot. 
  1. Flowers – Adding flowers to the hair offers a dimensional look, especially on those who have tight curly hair. Moreover, it will enchant the onlooker, making you the star at the wedding. The flowers look is propagated by all the best salon brands in India. 
  1. Boho Braids – Using a tucked-away braid and tendrils gives the hair an ultimate yet romantic look. This style does not need a lot of planning or precision, and the bride can enjoy focussing on the guests and less on the hair. 
  1. Traditional Bridal Buns – For Indian brides, the traditional bridal buns are still the most classic form of style used. From small gajras to big flowers, all easily fit into the bridal bun. This style is perfect for all ceremonies and not just during the wedding. 
  1. Maang Tika – Using a maang tika gives the hair a bun a look similar to the appearance of French-tails. This accessory makes it look as if you’ve used an expensive accessory that looks stunning from the back of the head. 
  1. Combination of Gajra and Red Flowers – This style of combination is widely popular in the South Indian community. It’s good for catching and holding of the onlookers. 
  1. Simple – Without the use of any accessory or flowers, you can make your hair look stunning. Just allow a few strands to become loose from the front and back of your hair and you are ready to rock the show at your wedding.
  1. Baby Curls or Minimal Jewellery – Again, if you wish to go simple then do small tweaks such as minimal curls or using minimal jewellery or accessory that matches the outfit. 
  1. Gold Flowers – Adding gold flowers instead of real will make your hair look surreal and rich.
  1. Colours to the Bun – This style works wonders when you are wearing an outfit comprising of the minimal colour of the outfit. 

There you have it; these are some of the tips for bridal updos that will help you to get ready for your big day. For more tips, you may want to consider approaching an Apple Salon franchisee for their expert solutions and tips as they can offer even more amazing bridal updos for your wedding. For More Details Visit on Website -  

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