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Posted by Johny Dean on January 3rd, 2015

Learning to drive is always challenging, even if you have a parent, sibling, colleague or friend who has already shown you some manoeuvres. The first lesson by the side of a real driving instructor is something else.

On your first driving lessons Northwich, the instructor tells you more about the buttons and controls of the car you will be driving, and also tests your eyesight. After all, she will be in the car with you and needs to make sure you can see very well.

After learning about the clutch, gas and brake pedals, and other things you can control the car with, the instructor teaches you how to adjust the car’s mirrors to see clearly near and behind your car, how to adjust the seat to be able to drive comfortably, and how to put your seatbelt on.

Another thing that can be adjusted, although this may not happen with all cars, is the steering wheel. This one can be positioned at any degree from your chest to allow you to drive properly and safely. For a safe handling, the steering wheel of a car should be somewhat vertical.

Another thing that happens on your first driving lessons Northwich is represented by some clarifications on how an engine works. Everybody knows the basic principles of an engine, but during driving lessons, you will certainly find out more.

In general, the first driving sessions take place near the driving school Northwich that you have selected. They happen at a low speed and are usually represented by driving in a straight line or by some easy turns. Roundabouts may not be in order yet.

If the first session goes well, the instructor can even allow the student to drive to their home. Meanwhile, she can test the student to see if he knows road signs and their significance and if he acts accordingly. All the time spent in a car next to a professional driving instructor is precious and needs to be considered as a constant way of learning things about driving.

Driving on a road means respecting all driving rules, reading road signs, stopping at stop signs and red light, continuing to move when the light turns green, giving priority to vehicles that are entitled to pass first and to pedestrians crossing a street.

When you know road signs, all the streets become your friends. It is like learning the letters of the alphabet and starting to read a book. The book is no longer a thing that you cannot conquer. On the contrary, it reveals its stories to you, allowing you to understand it better.

Another thing that is learnt at a driving school Northwich is how to park a car correctly. Parallel parking, reverse parking, parking in a garage, angle parking, perpendicular parking, all types of parking can be discussed and undertaken during driving lessons, to guarantee a safe parking.

Searching for a reliable driving school Northwich where to learn how to drive safely and correctly? Choose us and get ready for your driver’s license. Our driving lessons Northwich are created for those who want to become drivers and also for people who are already drivers, but who have not driven in a while and want to polish up their driving skills.

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