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Posted by jennycooper on January 4th, 2015

It is human nature that we always judge a thing by the look first. Whenever we want to buy something, it is the cover or the print on it, which attracts us. The latest fashion trends in clothes also vary with the prints. Art prints, which look extremely good on clothes, posters, photographs and magazine covers show your distinctive taste. It is said, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, but this proverb is not applicable to practical books. Whenever we buy books, the cover on it plays an important role. The design books are quite a favourite among people of all age groups. From the design, you can somehow get to know the content of the book. There are many designer products like these available online and that too at a reasonable price.

Although art prints are not original paintings, they are multiple prints of a same piece and are created through sophisticated print making technique, but their effect is extremely effective. There are some designs from the yester years, which are relevant and sought after now also. Pairing up these designer prints with a classic photo frame makes them invaluable. These prints are made by transferring the photo of the image through photo-mechanical process and then it is reproduced as mass production. The designs can also be created by artists and then remodelled into your own way.

The design of the cover of a book says it all. The design books are meant for serious readers, who love the content but are also influenced by the design of the cover and the overall layout of the book. The different topics have different styles of book cover. A comic book will have a completely different cover from a serious philosophical book. A book has a strong influence when the cover is well designed. It might be a study material, which seems boring, but if the book cover is attractive you might be tempted to pick up that book.

There are various posters made up of art prints which look extremely well on your walls. There are many classic posters which can be just hung right away, whereas some posters are customised by artists according to their own designs and recreated in a different way. These can be different types and matters like even a map of a city would look good on your wall if designed in an attractive way. If you want to gift someone a unique souvenir, that can be done through personalised posters giving it a loving touch.

There are some design books full of photographs and memoirs pictures, which have a cover to show the summary of the whole book. Even a puzzle made of vibrant colours showcases something mysterious inside. These designer covers not only give the book a fantastic look but also make the reader wonder about the content inside.

Art prints have a heavy impact on the onlooker about your choice and personality and likewise by seeing the cover on design books, you can detect the content of the book inside.

Resource Box: Give your world a different look by art prints on posters and frames and get to know about design books by looking at the designer covers.

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