Few Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Posted by benellwood37 on January 5th, 2015

Worried about your New Home Maintenance: Here are few tips

While purchasing a new home is an exciting time especially for first time homebuyers, several new responsibilities come along with the new home. Aside from the financial responsibilities, you have to take care of some important maintenance tasks as well. This starts worrying you, especially if you are working and for the whole day, you are bound to be out of home. How you will maintain your home up to the mark? Well, keep aside all your anxieties, as this article will provide you some handy tips that you can follow even in your busy routine.

Prevention is better than cure and the best way to do this is to get into the routine of doing regular home maintenance inspections. This will help ensure that any smaller issues can be dealt with before it becomes major and potentially a big financial burden.

Preventative maintenance inspections should be done every six months, though there would be certain areas inside and outside of the home that may slightly require more attention. Though a homeowner can do most of the maintenance and inspections, others are best left to the care of a professional contractor.

Here are some areas in your home that will need to regularly checked and maintained:

Roofs: Extreme weather conditions could shift your roof tiles or damage them so it is very important to check your roof regularly. Any loose, missing, or damaged tiles need to be replaced immediately as they could result to leaks and water damages inside your home. Your roof should be free from any debris. Trees and branches that encounter your roof should be cut back.

Main Electrical Panel: Also, check your main electrical panel for any signs of water exposure. Your electrical panel should be free from rusts or watermarks or it could lead to safety issues. Make sure to test the breakers. Turn them on and off to make sure they are still working. If you notice that the panel is starting to get warm to touch or it smells of burnt insulation, contact an electrician immediately.

Doors and Windows: Cracked or broken windowpanes need to be replaced immediately since they could be a safety hazard. Window and door finishes also need to be inspected for any rot or paint deterioration. Also, ensure that the windows and doors seal properly to avoid energy bills from shooting up. Installing energy efficient windows is also a perfect idea.

The measures mentioned above are just the precautionary ideas. However, if the damage has already occurred then its always better to contact your nearest building maintenance contractor and get the work done without hassles.

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