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Posted by Lara Bolt on February 11th, 2021

Students must try hard to grab the concept at their earliest. Focus is the key strength that help them o excel in learning and gripping the concepts taught to them. Math, stat and physics are loaded with plethora of concepts. Each of these concepts are based on different purpose, background, formulas, equations, and applications.

For instance, the main element of vector space which is used is physics and mathematics is known as vector. There are various concepts associated with vector. It includes two main types of algebraic operation which include dot product and cross product.

Similarly, there are various other statistical rules and formulas that need to be comprehended correctly. The implication of these require great care, focus and practice to avoid the mistakes. Let us have a glance at the top 5 online statistics calculators to help the students practically:

Dot Product Calculator:

Dot product is one of the most commonly used algebraic operation which is also known as scalar product. Vector dot product calculator intends to calculate the dot product quite instantly. It is necessary to have the numbers with same equal length for determining their dot product.

Vector multiplication calculator calculates the magnitude of two numbers to provide the single number as a resultant. The dot product is calculated as:

a . b

The presence of dot is the main symbol which lead towards the name of it. It defines the magnitude but do not provide idea about the direction of resultant vector. It is not concerned with the direction of resultant vector. Vector multiplication calculator is highly reliable and beneficial source for saving time and providing quality results to students.

Dot product calculator helps in calculation of two vectors and can also provide result for three vectors. Add as many vectors as you like with swiftness and ease through use of dot product calculator. It is a difficult calculation for the stat students to comprehend and practice. Hence, they often make mistakes and the of students would be different for a single numerical. It is due to the method of calculation or errors at any step.

Cross Product Calculator:

Thanks to the vector cross product calculator for brining ease in the calculations of cross product. Both vector and cross product are binary operation. Cross vector calculator utilizes the following formula:

a x b

Both of these are orthogonal or perpendicular to each other and their resultant is vector c. Cross product calculator provide both magnitude and direction of the resultant vector c.

For determining of the direction, the right hand rule is used which define the exact location to the student about the resultant vector. Cross product is represented with the symbol x. In simple words, it is the multiplication of two or more vectors. Some of the times, students have to deal with even more complex numerical having both dot and cross product.

Coefficient of Variation Calculator:

CV is the indicative of coefficient of variation which is an important statistical measure for data analysis. If you want to know how to find coefficient of variation then you are at right place.

CV calculator intends to calculate the coefficient of variation through division of mean and standard deviation. When the value of coefficient of variation is found more then it indicates the more level of dispersion.

Most often, it is expressing in terms of percentage. When the coefficient of variation calculator reflect the lower value then it indicate towards preciseness. The main formula used for determining the coefficient of variation is given as:

CV = SD / m * 100

Here, CV is the coefficient of variation, SD is the standard deviation and m is the mean.

Sum of Squares Calculator:

SS refers to sum of square deviations which can be represented by (X-Xbar)².  Sum of squares between calculator intends to find the squared differences and is majorly important in statistics. These differences are taken from the mean. The main formula that help in calculation of sum of squares is given as:

Σ(xi + x̄)2

Sums of squares calculator is not tough to find out. It is available online which can be approached any time. It helps to find out the variation's sum of square. The variation is the reflective of distance of each point for the data from the mean value.

Summation of the best fit is calculated. Sum of squares calculator makes the statistics much comfortable and relaxing for the statistic students for identifying data dispersion. Stat was not this much easier before as students have to deal with multiple expressions and calculations that consume much energy and time.

Even, putting all such energy, the accuracy of the results are still questioned. Students can calculate or even crosscheck the result of questions and numerical with the digital calculator. Lean as much as you like and grab new concepts easily with use of these calculator.

Standard Error Calculator:

Students would be much pleased to know that they can calculate standard error with ease. The online digital tool is the main source of finding the standard error without difficulty. Gone are the days when the complex data set were analyzed with plethora of time and energy.

Standard error calculation intends to provide the quality outcomes of determining the standard error of the given data from the mean. Ensure to enter the values of the data set in the online calculator accurately. Missing any entry in the standard error calculator would lead to false outcomes.

All the numbers must be subjected for entry in the calculator with proper separation. Place comma after each value so that the standard error calculator considers it as separate entity. Other ways of separation used for isolating the data vales are line break and spaces.

It works well for all kinds of sampling data. No matter either it is a large or small sampling size, the standard error calculator would help you to determine the deviation of data points from the central or mean value. 

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