Apple Watch or iPhone Alarm Does Not Go Off

Posted by Bettina Cabana on February 11th, 2021

An alarm is one of the basic features available in all smartphones and smartwatches. This feature plays an important role in your life by keeping you stick to your schedule. Your apple watch with one of the coolest leather Apple Watch bands in Australia can help you complete your tasks on time. 


When it comes to advanced devices such as Apple Watch or iPhone, it's rare that the alarm does not go off. However, when this happens, it gets inconvenient. Is there anything that you can do about this? Let's see.

Millions of Apple Watch and iPhone users enjoy using their devices without any problem with alarms. Some users do face this problem occasionally. This is due to a years-old bug. No solution is available to fix this bug. However, there is a workaround that can make your Apple Watch or iPhone alarm sound again.

You may be facing one of the two unrelated problems with the same effect. Your smartwatch is exasperating.

An Apple Watch bug can also be responsible. You command Siri to set an alarm and you get a positive response. However, sometimes it does not do that. When you tell Siri to set an alarm, you can see the time of the alarm on the screen. Now check if the alarm is switched on or not. Your device is working fine if the alarm is on.

However, sometimes you hear that the alarm is set but the alarm is not switched on. This may happen because you have already set an alarm for a time and you are setting an alarm for the same time. For example, you tell Siri to set an alarm for 11 pm with the name "too late". Siri has set the alarm but with another name "dinner time". This name is kept from a previously set alarm for 11:00 p.m. The alarm may fail to go on because of this problem.

You cannot tie the fault to any one thing. It is not always possible to reproduce the error. Usually, this happens with existing alarms. 

Here is Apple’s advice. Unpair and re-pair the device. Cycle off the Siri on both iPhone and Apple Watch. As it is a rare issue, doing this may not improve anything. You will know if this has worked or not only when the alarm fails again. 

You may experience the same problem on your iPhone. However, this happens rarely that the alarm does not go off on an iPhone.     

Everything goes right when you set an alarm by hand or using the ‘Hey Siri’ feature. You check the alarm and find that it is switched on. However, the next morning, it does not work. You check the time on your iPhone and you are late. Sometimes, the screen shows that the alarm is ringing but you cannot hear anything.  

You check the volume control. The iPhone is not in vibration mode. Everything is OK but you cannot find the reason why the alarm is not sounding.

Here is what you can do. Delete all the alarms both on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Instead of setting one alarm, set two with a gap of one minute. For example, set one alarm for 5 am and second for 5:01 am. Do this on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. 

This is not a common issue with both devices. the iPhone and Apple Watch are still at the top. The watch comes with the most features you need. Just don’t forget to make your watch look more stylish with cool leather Apple Watch bands in Australia. You can also use Apple Watch bands made from other materials such as stainless steel.      

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