Top Benefits of Digital Automation in 2021

Posted by Stephen Taylor on February 11th, 2021

The ‘New Normal’ has sparked an urgency for businesses of all sizes and within all industries to change the way they work. The greatest challenge for them in a post-COVID era is to accelerate digital transformation through the lens of two essential dimensions that need to be improved continuously: operational Efficiency and improved Customer Experience. Addressing both dimensions continuously, at a rapid pace and through a virtuous cycle is very challenging unless brands embrace digital automation.

Digital automation is the embodiment of multitasking. Automation inevitably bounded the tasks that marketers previously performed manually; together with the management of large volumes of data. When automation is used, the business owners can focus on the areas that are necessary to grow the business and need their actual expertise. In 2021, the scope of automation has gone way beyond simply automating your repetitive tasks with optimization and digital process management at the core.

This article walks you through the top ways in which digital automation technology can benefit your brand at the micro as well as macro-level. Importantly, in today’s world automation is inextricably linked to the specialized digital platforms. This article will certainly guide you to wisely choose the appropriate tools suited to transform marketing.

1. Cost Savings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the globe have initiated work from home policies and cutting down headcounts to meet the business downturn. Using digital automation tools, brands have been capable of reducing their staffing, printing, distribution, etc. costs significantly. In 2021 most brands no longer like to maintain a huge army of workers. Now you have a choice to use more advanced digital process automation tools like moLotus, not restricting yourself to age-old email automation. You can send automated messages to millions of customers via moLotus; cutting down headcounts for cold calling and constant support, reducing the staffing costs drastically. moLotus has eliminated the cost involved in physical meetings through automated customer relationship management.

2. Facilitating better Customer Interactions

When it comes to running a successful business in 2021, you have to keep in mind that the only way to sustain clients is to be through constant contextual interaction with them. This can be done through a well-developed automation strategy and tool. With the ‘new normal’ setting-in, businesses are exploring innovative ways to interact and engage with customers effectively. In 2021, they are adding context and interactive elements to their customer communication. They are hugely benefited by adopting automation platforms like moLotus with multiple automated customer response options like SMS, Callback, Click URL, USSD, etc. The interactions are not only about products and services but also innovative ways of using them in the context of current situations to build trust and confidence without actually meeting customers. It largely benefits your business in both the short term and the long term because it creates a certain rapport with the client that can be difficult to maintain manually every time. It lets you keep your business connected with its most important and valuable clients which keep generating repeated revenue over time.

As a part of your automation strategy, you can also make use of chatbots to set up meetings or answer questions. You can configure their responses, analyse the input and make the required changes. However, it will involve more effort on your side.

3. Enhancing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

High Customer Lifetime Value is the outcome of repeated positive emotional interactions with your brand. During these difficult economic conditions, taking proactive and thorough action to ensure a higher Customer Lifetime Value is even more important than before. Automation has made loyalty more achievable than ever by making one-to-one customer interactions possible! Instead of hammering the audience with spam messages, now brands should aim at targeting meaningful interactions across buyer segments. Showing empathy is more crucial than ever before!

App-based Loyalty Cards have been quite effective in the past, creating a loyal customer base. However, in 2021, superior mobile automation platforms like moLotus have further revolutionized the digital loyalty cards space with mobile loyalty cards. An interesting trend this year is that top brands are fast replacing plastic cards with mobile loyalty cards which get directly delivered to the receivers’ mobile phones; increasing loyalty, reducing printing cost, and eliminating physical contact. With moLotus, getting customer feedback, greeting & rewarding them has been more significant and convenient as never before; enhancing the overall Customer Lifetime Value and ARPU.

4. Automating and Transforming Processes

Research shows that by automating and transforming their processes digitally, brands are creating hassle-free experiences for customers in the new normal. The new breed of physically distanced customer expects digital communication or real-time offer that is appropriate for the immediate situation. Onboarding and engaging this new-age customer requires new-age process automation tools such as moLotus, Microsoft Flow, ServiceNow, etc. having robust Automation API and unique capabilities like interacting & processing customer requests in real-time, customer document submission, full integration, etc. For instance, using moLotus capabilities, an automotive brand can seamlessly transform post-sale communications to provide personalized info, on-boarding, and collect dealer and salesperson performance feedback, send service reminders and other communication - while saving on cost, delighting the customer, and collecting performance data.

5. Reaching More Customers at Their Place

Customers’ normal patterns of life have come to a halt since 2020. In 2021 too, customers are expected to need digital, at-home, and low-touch options. Digitally automated experiences will continue to grow in popularity and businesses should innovate their delivery model with a digital platform like moLotus to help consumers who are confined at home. moLotus, having massive reach and scalability, can quickly deliver automated messages to the ‘home-confined’ customers, directly into their inbox on all mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphones, i-phones and feature phones without requiring any app download or data connection, without physical contact, ensuring superior engagement.

6. Ultra-targeting & Scaling Campaigns

The ability to create targeted and scalable marketing campaigns is one of the biggest opportunities available to marketers in 2021. The more appropriate an offer or product is to a potential customer, the more likely they are to shell out their money. Never before have we had the opportunity or privilege to reach thousands of different leads with thousands of different messages in a fully-automated way. Thanks to innovative marketing automation platforms like moLotus, Marketo, Hubspot etc.!

The high level of automation in moLotus ad campaigns ensure high conversion rates. The campaigns trigger the desired actions from a large customer database. The messages are directed automatically to the mobile inbox of a potential customer in real-time; generating higher conversion and Return on Investment (ROI).  Customers feel a greater connection with the brand & provide a better response which, in turn, helps in the improvement of the conversion rate. moLotus can track campaign results, analyze the responses of users, measure campaign success and generate crisp and comprehensive reports. It will give you more scalable real-time data, and better insight into what you should focus on.

7. Analysing Big Data

Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence-based automation are the key digital accelerators that will help businesses recover quickly in the new normal. The exponential growth of data and the increased reliance on insights derived from data for decision-making has caused a granular focus on automation in data analytics.

2021 will see more emphasis on actionable data. This data signifies the missing connection between business propositions and big data. Data in itself is useless without analysis as it mostly exists in excessively unstructured, multi-format, and voluminous form. Businesses will extensively focus on automated data analytics that will help in extracting actionable data insights and therefore will invest more in big data analytics and advanced report generation tools like moLotus, Talend, Spark, Lumify, etc. The moLotus’ automated data analytics focuses on analyzing a large volume of customer data quickly. Leveraging moLotus powered data analytics reflects a pragmatic approach showcased by top global brands.

8. Ensuring Efficient & Secure Operations

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the data world on its head, and brands are focussing on security, integrity, and availability of data to meet new market and business challenges. An ideal way to leverage data governance is to embrace tools offering security with integration.

Security, integrity, and availability of data also happen to be the top priorities of digital automation platforms like moLotus, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, etc. in 2021. moLotus automation accelerates your data value and flexibility by removing inaccuracies and offering direction for your data management capabilities. It identifies vulnerabilities and roll-out fixes, empowering brands to be proactive and address vulnerabilities before breaches occur. To ensure this, moLotus uses a multi-layered approach to protect all data. Customer data and intelligence are made securely available to moLotus. Brands can set rules and policies restricting access to authorized personnel only ensuring high security and efficiency. Proper authentication is required for every API request.

Final Statement

A sound digital automation strategy is the key for your brand to secure a competitive edge in 2021. No denying the fact that digital automation tools like moLotus will help you to operate, transform and communicate with your customer more effectively, securing higher ROI. Focus on the imperatives and digitalize your new normal with intelligent moLotus automation!

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