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Posted by Kunjesh on February 11th, 2021

The Beard is really a pride of men. And, everyone wants to maintain the pride. But, did everyone perfectly? No. So, today, in this article, I'm about to write few lines that will guide you on how to maintain your pride. So, stay tuned till the end.

A man with a beard always get noticed, but, the condition applies here. Your beard must be stylish and pretty noticeable. But, how to make a beard stylish? You can do it by visiting either a salon or buying a trimmer. To visit a salon isn't hard thing to do. You just go there, tell them the style want, and come out with the stylish beard. But, if you're about to the same at your home and without anyone's help, then it gonna really difficult for you. As every person on this earth is not a barber. So, we have no knowledge on the personal care appliances. As a result, things gonna difficult for us. But, in this article, I am about to introduce the things that you need to keep in mind while making a trimmer your own. The trimmer is a personal care device that's categorize under Men's grooming. But, as I said earlier, everyone is not a barber. So, we need a information about the things we're going to own. So, the following is what you've to take into account before getting the one.

Ergonomic design: The trimmer you buy must be ergonomic. It won't make you feel just comfortable to hold, but an ergonomic trimmer also helps you achieving in the desired beard cut. Accordind to me, it's a primary requirement at which you must look. Now, how you can identify a trimmer that's ergonomic? Well, it's pretty simple. You just have to hold it for a while and you'll get an information. But, you can also get the same just by looking at it. The ergonomic one contains a V-notch in its shape. V-notch required to limit your hand while holding the trimmer. And, the outer surface must be at least rough. So that, you don't have to hold the machine tightly to prevent it from getting slipped. Next, look at the adustable length settings.

Adjustable length settings: They are very important because they will cut the beard as per the length settings. As the name suggest, the trimming lengths should be easily adjustable. And, the trimmer your gonna make your own should have at least 20 of it. In this, the lengths are assigned to it. Let's understand this by a simple example. Consider a trimmer with 20 length settings. And, it has a 0.5mm of precision. So, the interpretation would like the maximum trimming length you will get is 10mm. It means the your beard can be cut maxmium of 1 centimeter. But, if you look at a very broader way, you will find that you can adjust the lengths between 1mm and 10mm with 0.5mm precision. And, because the precision is very low, it gives you an accurate style as per your requirement. You may have question on how you can change the lengths? The question may arise. Well, the response is very simple. You will get an integrated rotating dial to access it. In addition to that, trimmer also gets a static lengh combs. In that, you won't be able to adjust the lengh. So, you may not be able to make your beard stylish the way you want. Next, head over to the blades.

Blades: As the job of a trimmer is to trim your hair, it need blades. And, the blades also play a very important role in the selection. You will be surprised to know that blades are also made of titanium. I mean such a precious and strong metal is used just for men's grooming equipments. How strange is that? In addition to that, the blades are also made of stainless steel, ceramic, and many more. But, the most of the affordable trimmers contain stainless steel blades. The major benefit of SS blades is that they are rust-free. Also, they are maintenance-free, means, you don't need to oil them. But, one con is that they get heated after continuous use. The time limit varies from trimmer to trimmmer, but the general time is 30 miniutes. It means after a half an hour of continuous use, SS blades will make you feel uncomfortable. And, that problem is eliminated in the titanium and ceramic blades. But, they are costly. Next, head over to the type of use.

Versatile use: You can operate any machine two ways: By battery and by direct electricity. Trimmers are also fall under that. You can use trimmer cordless and/or corded. But, the most recommended is that you buy a trimmer that supports a versatile use. Because, the cordless-use offers a full freedom of movement. If a trimmer runs cordless, mean, you can take it with you anywhere you want. And, if it runs corded, means, you will never be out of power. So, if the one that you're about to make your own supports both kinda use, means, it's a great thing for you.

Integrated vacuum: Integrated vacuum is a feature that many average to high price trimmers contain. Its job is to suck your cut hair. However, many Phillips trimmers of average price range have integrated vacuum. But, it doesn't offera 100% use. It means all of your cut will not gonna be sucked. So, if you have it, then it will definitely gonna save your time. Because, after grooming, you won't need to clean the floor. Because, this technology will take care of your cut hair.

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