Here’s How You Find an Expert Criminal Attorney in UAE

Posted by Hassan Elhais on February 11th, 2021

Finding a criminal lawyer in the UAE is easy, considering the number of established criminal law firms in the UAE. But finding a criminal lawyer that’s best suited for your case isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, once you find the best criminal attorney for fighting your case, it will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. A good criminal attorney will help you with a fair trial and help things pass smoothly.

Before hiring a criminal lawyer, there are several things you should consider. Here are some things you should look at when searching for the best criminal lawyer in Dubai.

1. The lawyer’s reputation:

Criminal lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate need to have an excellent reputation to work for your case effectively. All you have to do is run a little background check and research on the criminal lawyer of your choice and learn a lot directly from them by asking about them about their work, experience, etc. You can also use online platforms to run through forums and reviews of the lawyer of your choice. Also, talking to their previous clients can also help you get a clear assessment of your lawyer.

2. Their experience:

A criminal attorney with significant amounts of experience in handling several cases will know exactly how to deal with a particular matter. Practising the law becomes efficient and smoother with more experience in handling cases in a lawyer’s career. A lawyer with experience in handling different types of cases will have an in-depth knowledge of criminal law which can help a client get justice sooner.

3. Their skills:

What’s the use of hiring a lawyer when they aren’t good at conducting research!? Therefore, before hiring a lawyer, make sure they possess the right skills that will help you with your case. They should possess the skills that will make sure no minute details go unnoticed. They should be efficient with their work and give out positive outputs. Efficiency mostly comes with experience and practice. However, there are good lawyers out there who have less experience but are particularly good with some categories of cases.

4. How good are they at analysing?

Not just their research skills but also the analysing skills of the criminal lawyer is essential. The information collected through research will be rendered useless if they do not possess the right analysing abilities. The case can take a whole new route if the researched data is not appropriately investigated. The criminal lawyer you are hiring should possess the sharpest analysing skills. Even the tiniest piece of information should not go missing or avoided as even that small piece of information can be a game-changer in the case.


When hiring a criminal lawyer in Dubai, never forget to vet your lawyer with these factors mentioned above. Know your lawyer well before you go ahead with the hiring. Your case’s outcome will totally depend on how good your criminal attorney is.

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