Are Kretek Cigarettes Good as Regular Cigarettes?

Posted by articlelink01 on January 7th, 2015

If you love cigarettes, you certainly can’t help but compare different brand of cigarettes available on the market in your bid of finding out which one is the best one for you. With so many different options available on the market, you can be sure that making a decision is not always easy. However, one of the brands that you are highly likely to come across is the Kretek cigarettes and the truth of the matter is that this is a brand that you really can’t afford to resist. It is well know that the regular cigarettes usually cause addiction and some of them may be quite bad for your health and could even be responsible for a myriad of health conditions like cancer.

One thing that you need to understand before you buy Djarum Blackis that this brand of cigarette actually has a number of similarities with the regular cigarettes. However, the brand also has certain differences as well which usually differentiate it from the rest and this is in fact what determines whether you will purchase the cigarette or opt for its other alternatives. The general notion that exists among most people is that clove cigarettes are essentially much safer compared to some of the regular brands.

As such, it is not a wonder that most people usually settle for Kretek cigarettesas they tend to think that these cigarettes are more natural and thus a lot much better. It is however important for you to understand that these cigarettes not only contain tobacco but also lots of it. According to health experts, it is of paramount importance that one limits his or her exposure to such addictive substances such as tobacco as they are responsible for many health risks such as cancer.

Generally speaking, if you decide to buy Djarum Black, you should know that these ones contain between 60 and 70 percent of tobacco and between 30 and 40% of shredded cloves which is actually a spice. Keeping this tobacco content into consideration, it is needless to say that these cigars are equally as addictive and possibly harmful as the regular cigarettes. The truth of the matter is that these cigarettes which even be riskier as their tobacco content is usually a lot higher. Research findings show that clove cigarettes usually deliver much more tar, carbon monoxide and tar compared to the regular cigarettes you might beware of.

Eugenol is an active ingredient that is found in Kretek cigarettes and this ingredient usually leads to some undesirable health effects. When smoked, this brand of cigarette will essentially make you feel relaxed and you might even reap some profound health benefits from it as well.

Demand for Kretek cigarettes has been skyrocketing in recent times as everyone has been appreciating the incredible benefits associated with this brand of cigarettes. To buy Djarum Black , the internet is certainly the best place to order your pack of cigarettes and have them delivered at your place right away.

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