All About Djarum Black Cigarettes

Posted by articlelink01 on January 8th, 2015

Djarum Black cigarettes, commonly known as Kretek are essentially a mixture of tobacco and cloves. Compared to the regular types of cigarettes found out there, these cigarettes actually enjoy a great reputation and have a very wide appeal especially among the young smokers. These cigarettes are essentially best known for having a distinct smell and flavor which makes them the most ideal choice for the young generation of smokers. You will be amazed to know that a large number of people including high school students have admitted to smoking clove cigarettes mainly due to their sweet aroma and great aroma.

The first ever clove cigarette is believed to have been produced in the early 1800s in Indonesia and during this time, they were mainly used for their medicinal benefits. People used to buy Clove cigarettes during this period for treating chest pain and not for recreation which is essentially the main reason why most people usually purchase these cigarettes today. Before long, these cigarettes were able to find a massive following outside the confinements of Indonesia due to their distinct flavor which greatly appealed to most people. Today, most people across the world smoke these cigarettes regularly.

Anyone who has ever smoked Djarum Black will tell you that these cigarettes tend to make a rather crackling noise when they burn. Compared to the average cigarette, these cigarettes also tend to take much longer to smoke and it is needless to say why they appeal to most people. Besides, these cigarettes tend to produce a rather strong smell of cloves that has been mixed with some tobacco. The smoker is normally required to draw in much more deeply as they smoke. Eugenol is an active ingredient contained in the cloves which is essentially a numbing agent. It is no wonder after smoking this cigarette; you will tend to feel that your lips, throat and chest will start feeling slightly numb.

As you can see, you have many reasons than you would probably imagine as to why you should buy Clove cigarettes. Even though the actual dangers that the regular cigarettes pose are known widely, the dangers associated with clove cigarette smoking aren’t well known as such. In fact, most smokers tend to think that since these cigarettes usually contain cloves in a considerable amount which is a natural spice; the cigarettes are less harmful compared to the standard cigarettes. However, it is essential that you be very careful since this brand of cigarettes can come with some serious health risks as well. If you so decide to order your pack of cigarettes online, you need to smoke prudently so that you can control the effects of the cigarettes on your health.

Since the debut of Djarum Black cigarettes on the market, these cigarettes have become an admiration for many people and are becoming increasingly popular day by day. To buy Clove cigarettes , consider ordering them on the internet and you will certainly be able to benefit a lot.

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