Great Benefits of Goliath Cranes or Gantry Cranes

Posted by RMS Industries on February 12th, 2021

Many centuries back, human beings had dealt with the problems that they needed to lift heavy objects on their own, without having any other way to do it.  But with the invention of modern machinery and technology, the scenario has changed.  

One of the most prominent inventions made by man is the introduction of several types of cranes which have become a huge support in many places, including manufacturing units, construction sites, and factories. These cranes, especially the crane gantry, can be utilized to lift extremely heavy equipment and goods which is otherwise quite difficult.

You will come across different kinds of gantry cranes in the market like bridge cranes, overhead bridge cranes and overhead cranes and each of these are used for specific purposes.

What is a Goliath or gantry crane?

A gantry or a Goliath crane is a type of overhead crane, which has a single or a double girder establishment. This is supported by separate legs that move on a rail system or wheels or along the track. Gantry cranes are mainly used for beneath the overhead system of a crane or an outdoor application.

A Goliath crane is a crane that is built on top of a gantry. It is a structure utilized to straddle a workspace or an object.

Here are some amazing benefits of a Goliath crane:

  • Economical

Gantry cranes work out economical as compared to other cranes as these are needed in areas where the goods need not be lifted regularly.

  • Remarkable capacity to lift intense weight

These cranes have a remarkable capacity to usually lift extremely heavy weights or goods. They can even lift objects weighing more than 5 tons.

  • Mobility

Unlike other cranes, gantry cranes can be changed easily. They might be used to displace goods from one location to any other location.

  • Capability to transfer heavy goods commencing from different heights.

The best part is that a Goliath crane might lift objects and then position them right on the top of any location. These heights can also be accustomed.

  • Quite popular

Nowadays, you can see these cranes in manufacturing units as well as factories. They are widely accepted, and so their demand is increasing every day.

  • Easily get vendors

It has been seen that it is quite easy to get good vendors for crane gantry. You can easily get its suppliers online.

  • Gantry cranes have polyurethane parts.

In these cranes, polyurethane is generally used in rolling wheels. They are, therefore, stronger, durable, and last longer.

There are many advantages of using a Goliath crane for all your lifting work. They are a much better option when compared to their equivalent bridge cranes or overhead cranes. If you use crane gantry, your productivity will rapidly increase, and thus you can make more profit. Loadmate is one of the leading crane manufacturers in India. Their entire range of lifting products is in compliance with International as well as Indian standards.

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