How to Buy Best Chain Pulley in India

Posted by RMS Industries on February 12th, 2021

Chain Pulleys are indispensable for any manufacturing plant or a construction site. If you are a civil or mechanical engineer, you must be aware of the importance of a chain pulley. Though a chain pulley is not a stand-alone product as it used with cranes and other metallic structures, yet it has a great significance in the field of engineering, architecture and infrastructure development.

Best Chain Pulley Blocks 

If you are looking for chain pulley blocks, you shall find a host of sellers and manufacturers offering the same at very competitive prices. Even online players like Amazon. in are in contract with the manufacturers and sell them through their portals. But before ordering one, you should be very careful that you buy the chain pulleys and do not end up buying an inferior product lured by its low cost.  You should always prefer manufacturers like Loadmate that manufacture the Chain Pulleys as per IS 3832 standards and use only alloy steel of grade 80. Moreover, the pulley should be made up of forged cold steel only.

How to protect the Pulley Chain?

You may find it a bit weird, but it is important to protect and maintain the chain pulleys just as any other machine component. You should always take precaution to protect the pulley blocks from dust and particles entering the pulley mechanism. As the chain pulleys are exposed to all weather and are never covered, they are prone to get dirty with the construction fumes and dust particles. Thus when buying a chain pulley, you must ensure that it has passed all the corrosion damage protection process and has the gears and brakes properly sealed and covered.

Why is heat treatment necessary for the load-bearing part of the Pulley Chain?

A good chain pulley manufacturer strictly follows the process of providing proper heat treatment to the entire load-bearing part of the chain pulley. Heat treatment extends to strength and durability to the pulley, which is one of its most important attribute. If these load-bearing parts are not provided heat treatment, they do not last for long and may even result in accidents leading to unwanted chaos. Thus following the rule of 'safety first', you should always prefer buying chain pulleys from reliable and licensed manufacturers only.

Before Buying do ensure the safety check and functional testing of the chain pulley.

The engineering products usually go for functional and operational testing after production. Heavy industrial components have to necessarily pass through a series of testing before they are finally dispatched to ensure optimum precision and functional performance at the client site. Reliable chain pulley manufacturers make it compulsory that all the chain pulleys and pulley blocks are 150% tested before they are finally released for transportation to the client site. This ensures that chain pulley functions as per its design and meet all the standards and client specifications.

If you are looking to buy a chain pulley in India, you should surely check Loadmate. They are the most genuine, reliable and recommended manufacturers in India. They have a wide network and even export the products to the advanced and developed economies across the globe.

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