How to Boost Your Alexa Rank

Posted by SiteTrafficKing on January 9th, 2015

A website's Alexa Rank is the second most important statistic for a website's traffic and reach next to Google Page Rank. In fact, many people, including online advertiser’s judge blogs and websites based on these numbers. The Alexa rank takes several factors into account within its algorithm to determine which website is most popular. The lower your Alexa Rank is (ie closer to 1), the more popular your site is supposed to be. holds first place as far as Alexa Ranking is concerned.

Since Alexa helps determine how your site compares to other websites in the world in terms of popularity and daily traffic, advertisers use it regularly to establish a monetary value to advertising space on potential websites. Furthermore, during the sale or purchase of a website business, Alexa rank again provides a useful insight into a websites performance. Here are some tips to help increase your own website's Alexa Ranking:

  • Install the Alexa widget on your blog or website and ask your visitors to install the toolbar on their browsers. This will help you get more actual visitors counted in the data that Alexa pulls.
  • Claim your site and gain full control over it on This helps others know who the site belongs to and in turn helps you rank better.
  • Attract traffic from bloggers and other tech savvy people. Bloggers and tech savvy people are the most important demographic to target if you want to raise your Alexa ranking. These are people, who most likely have the Alexa Toolbar installed ontheir own browsers, directly boosting your Alexa rankings when receiving traffic from them.
  • Write a review discussing Alexa Ranking and add a link back to their mother ship, This will definitely help boost your traffic and in turn, you’re Alexa Rank.
  • Write content related to internet marketing and blogging to attract web masters and similar types of web users who most have an Alexa Toolbar on their browser.
  • Buy Alexa Traffic from companies who specialize in improving and boosting your rank. This is a very effective method which provides fast results.

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