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Posted by tedmark on January 9th, 2015

We all know that in order to play World of Warcraft we need to buy a monthly subscription to the game. The same thing goes for Runescape, only the subscription will give us access to special areas that make up more than eighty percent of the game’s map. If we want to play these games but aren’t sure that we want to pay for them just yet, then we should try playing on a WoW or RuneScape private server.

                Just as there are many types of communities, we’ll find that there are many types of private MMORPG game servers, each having distinct features that we won’t find anywhere else. In fact, while the official game is being developed in one direction what we’ll find is that some private servers are going the opposite way. The good thing is that there are developers that work hard in order to produce new content, so we may be surprised as to what we will find when we join a WoW private server. The same thing goes for RuneScape, and this is truly a good thing to hear since we only need a browser to join and play on a RuneScape private server. However, private servers come with their very own drawbacks, and these can include a lot of things we like about the official game.

                A big problem with private servers is that they will have a hard time implementing important patches. This means that, while we can play the newly released World of Warcraft – Lords of Draenor on the official game servers, we won’t be able to do so on most private servers. Furthermore, when a new patch is being implemented on a WoW private server, it takes time before it can really be played without issues. Since no one can check whether the server has any bugs, it’s up to the players to spot them and report back to the developer team. For the small teams that usually work on private servers, fixing a simple bug can take as much as a day, even two, so we’re bound to spend a lot of time not being able to play because of implementation bugs. The matters are similar for a RuneScape private server, once we run into a bug, we’ll have to wait.

                One of the coolest features that a WoW or RuneScape private server can have is the ability to let players create their very own content. This means that we’ll be able to create our own items, NPC’s, and even quests. Allowing the community to create its own content can lead to very interesting results, and it can transform the game, making it a great way to put one’s imagination to work in the construction of something not for themselves but for the community. If we should choose to create a WoW private server and want it to be successful, then we should look for websites that promote these kinds of servers. There are many websites that rank the servers depending on the votes of those who play on the servers. By getting on those lists and asking players to vote we can increase our server’s popularity exponentially.

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