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Posted by tedmark on January 9th, 2015

 Multi-player online games have grown in popularity in the last decade, not only for the fantasy worlds they have created for the players but also for the emphasis they put on socialization and fair play. Moreover, MMORPG games such as WOW or RuneScape are great online contexts were gaming strategies can be used while facing the spontaneity involved by the participation of other thousands of players worldwide. However, if you and your friends want to play a more exclusive game, you can access a RuneScape private server or a private server on WOW and have a closed-group experience.

                The story of online gaming has started at the beginning of the 2000s, when several game brands have appeared one after another, with their specific worlds and heroes. Soon after that, online players have already started to pick their favorites and while some were undoubtedly WOW players, others preferred the RuneScape interface or the MU online storyline. However, no matter the brand, the MMORPG games base, more or less, on the same principles; the main differences maybe appear when it comes to logistics, structure and interface. Wither you want to play on a WOW private server or on a RuneScape private server, you will, first of all, face a fantasy world were you impersonate a character that you choose, with special powers that you can train and discover. Setting goals and objectives is just a part of the whole experience, as you can also fight mystical creatures or other players in limited conditions, complete quests or increase your gaming level.

                Multi-player online games may be similar but the differences between them are simply emblematic. While some players prefer to play on a WOW private server for its diversity of battlegrounds and the individuality of its heroes, others choose MU online for the wide variety of  monsters that can be fought (goblins and golems are just a small part of the whole monster party). On a RuneScape private server, players find a medieval fantasy world that spreads its magic in its storyline and its characters, as well as in the scenario it provides. Weapons are as fantastical as the entire universe of RuneScape while the quests can be really thrilling, engaging you in an adventurous journey with a grand finale.

                Combats are maybe the most sought-after experiences in a multi-player game, were players can test their skills and strategies. When engaging in a WOW private server game, fights usually involve battling with NPC’s (non-player characters) of different races and level of strength, that are easier or, on the contrary, almost impossible to defeat. Depending on the powers of your hero, if you win a combat you can also increase your level of strength or even earn war spoil. Even if you don’t win, loosing is also a way of gaining experience and improving your strategy for future games. Player versus player combat is also possible in the virtual world and when playing on a RuneScape private server, the fight is controlled and usually takes place in limited arenas.  

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