What’s Important about Growing Cannabis Clones?

Posted by joseph george on February 12th, 2021

Cannabis plant is known for its medicinal properties. Its seeds, leaves and other parts are used for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, the benefits are realized only if the user gets products from high-quality strains. Primarily, female cannabis plants are considered potent over male plants and offer more advantages. This is why people want female cannabis plants of their favorite strain.

Cloning is the process of creating the genetic copy of the mother cannabis plant. A reputable breeder ensures a young cannabis female plant is used for cloning so that its genetics remain stable. Growers prefer to raise clones instead of seeds so that they get the plants of high-quality. Seeds may have the risk of growing male plants or plants with poor characteristics. Plants with poor qualities may have undesirable smell and may give low yield. Therefore, growers always look for cannabis clones for sale to get the best plants for their garden.

Cannabis Clone

A cannabis plant that is the exact copy of a specific cannabis plant is called a clone. It shares the same genes of the mother plant. Growers already know about the new plant as they have all the information about the mother plant. However, plants grown from seeds have a lot of variations even if they have been obtained from the same strain. Clones ensure the same potency along with the quality.

Clone Advantages:

  • It is easier to obtain many clones at once, from the same plant. A dozen of new plants can be made available in a week.
  • A few basic needs such as scissors and a glass of water are the only investment. Otherwise, it’s absolutely low cost.
  • Growers can take clones at any stage or point of a plant’s growth life. However, one must know that clones grow faster in the vegetative stage.
  • Clones are better as compared to seedlings. Each clone is the same age of the parent and is therefore absolutely mature. Consequently, they grow faster in their initial weeks than seedlings. Growth is more significant for larger clones. A newly rooted clone grows faster than a similarly sized plant grown from seeding. 
  • Clones can also be changed to the flowering stage immediately to create a great garden.

Clones are for people who want the same strain. Growers who want different strains in their garden can get cannabis seeds in California. In fact, seeds are also used for medicinal purposes.

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