Top SEO Trends to follow in 2021

Posted by Straight Up Digital on February 12th, 2021

The importance of applying SEO techniques on The Gold Coast to all their content ensures your content meets the algorithms ranking criteria allowing it to rank well an attract visitors and prospective customers.

Google keeps updating its ranking parameters, so you need to consider the organic nature of the net and adapt accordingly and stay up to date with the latest SEO trends on The Gold Coast.

SEO trends to follow in 2021:

  • Relevant, High Quality Content

This is not so much as a trend as a permanent and vitally important requirement, all visitors to you site must instantly find what they’re looking in the valuable, relevant content you’re offering

  • User Experience

Visitors must be almost instantly transported to you site or landing page offering them intuitive menus, lighting fast loading speeds and a rich, satisfying, hassle free experience.

Google algorithm now evaluates the user experience of each page of a website to define the total ranking value.

Use apps like Google PageSpeed Insights to evaluate your page speeds

  • Mobile SEO

Google now considers mobile website pages their primary version and desktop versions secondary. Your content must be optimised for mobile devices or you may lose your ranking position, but you still consider those using desktops as about ¾ of internet contact is done on mobile devices

  • Local SEO

Local commerce is especially with the restrictions forced by the pandemic is vital part of most people’s survival. Google My Business should be a major part of your SEO Gold Coast strategy so you appear in local search engine rankings. This gives you a invaluable positive link right into your neighbourhood attracting locals, visitors and passers by

  • Zero Click Searches

The information in the answer to a specified search query is answered in the SERP or directly on the search bar, without the searcher needing to click and enter the site

  • Web Security

With increasing cybercrime this is a major issue for 2021, use SSL certificates

  • Long Form Content

Long form highly relevant content is starting to get more readers, more conversions and more backlinks than shorter content

  • E.T.A or Expertise, Authority and Trust

Google wants to be sure users get content that is from a real person, with the creditability and authority to talk on a subject

 The top trends of SEO in Gold Coast are all about providing a faster and higher quality experience to all users of Google.

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