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Posted by tedmark on January 9th, 2015

Even though there are many private game servers available around the world for massively multiplayer role playing games, most people are unaware that they can play on them. This may be caused by the fact that most of us have a hard time understanding how to download the game client or search for a website that lists such servers. However we can find great servers with plenty of helpful people on websites that create MU Online private server lists as well as the lists of top servers for other games.

                Even though there are some massively multiplayer online role playing games out there that we need to pay for in order to play, the trend for these games is to make them free to play. It is odd, then, to see that there are private servers for these games as well. After all, what would be the point of that? Private servers wouldn’t have the staff required for maintenance and running updates, and neither would they be able to support that many players. While this is true, it’s a good idea to have privately run servers which are free to play for games that normally are pay to play. Furthermore, even though these servers might be understaffed, since they support so few players, that would hardly be a real problem. What matters is the stability of the game’s build, something that a handful of people could easily do for a RuneScape private server. Of course, not the same could be said if we wanted to have a MU Online private server that was full of events and private content.

                What most people are afraid of when it comes to private servers is the fact that with less moderators and administrators online tending to the server, people who abuse the game would ruin gameplay. It’s a well-known fact that cheats, hacks and exploits are the biggest problem of the gaming industry, and when you add to that an understaffed server, things get really messy. However, just because a RuneScape private server is understaffed, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to report people for cheating and have them banned later, or that there aren’t ways of dealing with those that abuse the game. Online games that store information server side are pretty hard to abuse, and RuneScape, being a browser game, has even issues with this. A MU Online private server might be more susceptible to hacking programs because it runs on a game client, but these can be detected with the proper anti-cheat programs.

                 A great thing about private servers is that we can get most of the things that usually were only available for cash on official or other servers. Also, when choosing a RuneScape private server we’ll have the option to play older versions of the game. Since there is only a limited number of people usually playing on them, we will have better chances at finding special items and doing special quests. If we’re looking for the PVP experience, either on a RuneScape or on a MU Online private server, then being able to quickly advance on the server will save us the trouble of grinding our characters. We also have a good chance of being amongst the best players on the server, giving us more satisfaction when playing, and more rewards.

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