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Posted by tedmark on January 9th, 2015

Private servers of massively multiplayer role playing games are great for experimenting with pay to play games. This is due to the fact that we can build high level characters in just a couple of hours, getting an idea of what they would be capable of. The added experience multiplier of some WOW servers as well as the bonus drop rate of monsters will certainly get us the rewards that we want, faster and in a more reliable manner. However, we can also play on a classic RuneScape private server where experience and loot drops are the same.

                The main reason for which private servers of MMORPG games have appeared has to do with the fact that these games required their players to pay a monthly or yearly fee in order to enjoy the game. Private servers are the free to play alternative to the official servers. Of course, we can’t expect to get the same things on a private server that we would get on the official server, since keeping up with the latest patches takes a lot of time and work. Furthermore, it’s the kind of work that it’s likely not to end. As a WOW private server administrator we would more likely want to find a version of the game that is stable on our system and go from there. Otherwise, we risk having our server offline for a whole lot of time due to crashes and other unforeseeable events, leaving our players dissatisfied, and lowering our server’s ranking. A RuneScape private server with a low rank will be less likely to attract players and be a success.

                There aren’t only disadvantages to playing on a private server. The fact is that we might actually be able to find a server that is located somewhere close to us, giving us a superb connection with minimal pocket loss and good ping. However, this only goes for small servers that are not highly populated. Without a proper internet connection and the hardware to back the server up, a WOW private server can quickly start exhibiting connection issues and players will experience lag spikes and getting disconnected. Even though RuneScape gives players the option to play for free, the content they have access to is highly limited. All this would be bypassed with a RuneScape private server which would grant us access to all game content.

                Knowing about the limited security provided to such servers, some people feel the need to exploit this vulnerability. That’s why we’re more likely to find cheaters on a WOW private server than on the official one. However, that’s not to say that all private servers have cheaters. There are many programs available to private server developers which allow them to protect their servers from people that use hacks or anything of the kind. We might think that a RuneScape private server is undermanned, and a typical one just might be. However, there are private servers that have been established for many years and which have many moderators and members that report what’s going on. We can find these servers easily by running a search for them on websites that support their initiative.

Are you looking for a reliable WOW private server that has experienced players and moderators? Find the most interesting RuneScape private server for you and start enjoying quality time with your friends.

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