5 Great Ideas for a Gun Collection

Posted by GunBroker.com on February 12th, 2021

The sheer variety of types of firearms, from modern models to antiques from across the world, makes gun collecting a rich and exciting hobby. Traditionally, gun collecting was often either a utilitarian exercise by people who required firearm variety to survive or a hobby of the well-heeled seeking a few specific names. However, mass production and the internet have made gun collecting a far more accessible hobby. Here are a few suggestions for enthusiasts, whether that entails chasing cult classics like the FN Five seven, antiques like the FN 1910, both or others.

By Region

Gun collecting by region can be made interesting in a variety of different ways. You can go for extremely popular regions, like choosing to collect Germanic (German and Austrian) guns. Think Glock, Sig Sauer, Walther, Mauser, H&K, Steyr, and others. Alternately, you could choose a lesser-known producer of nevertheless interesting firearms like the Czech Republic, Japan, or Israel.

By Manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer for a collection, it is best to go for one with a long and storied history of interesting firearms. The aforementioned FN Herstal is a perfect example. FN Herstal has been making exceptional guns for well over a century. From elegant examples like the FN Model 1903 to the FN Five seveN or FN SCAR, there is a whole lot of cool to choose from.

By Era

Among the most popular bases for gun collections is by era. Of course, the era chosen for a collection can be as broad or narrow as you choose. Your era could be as broad as “Victorian firearms” or “before 1950.” Or you could narrow down that era to “U.S. Prohibition,” “the 1940s,” or “within the last five years.”

By Conflict

There is almost certainly no human activity more destructive or corrosive than war. However, some of the most interesting events in human history, as well as some of the most interesting firearms, are the results of wars. Collecting guns according to the conflicts they were produced for and or used in can serve as a fascinating exercise in living history. As with most other possible gun collection themes, you can choose their breadth. You could go as wide as “the Cold War,” or go with “WWI handguns fielded by the Allied powers.”

By Variety

A gun collection does not have to be specific or esoteric. It does not have to be “19th-century American single-action revolvers.” Your collection could simply be “revolvers.” It could be snub-nosed revolvers, or pocket pistols, or handguns chambered in 32 ACP. Basically, every gun collection is going to boil down to “guns I think are cool or interesting.” You just have to figure out what that is.

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