Reliable and Exceptional 9mm Handguns You Might Not Know About

Posted by on February 12th, 2021

The 9mm cartridge is widely considered the ultimate centerfire handgun cartridge. It offers impressive performance with relatively low recoil, and its modest size makes it perfect for high-capacity magazines. Due to its popularity and resultant mass production, it is also one of the least expensive cartridges and is available in a whole universe of different bullet grain-weights, loads, pressures, and so on. A cartridge that popular and versatile has, of course, spawned a broad variety of handguns chambered for it. The following are examples of different styles of handguns chambered in 9mm that may not always get the appropriate level of respect.

Full-Size 9mm Semi-Auto – HK P30L

While the HK P30L does not necessarily get the cred that is proffered up for the likes of the SIG 226, Glock 19, or the CZ 75 family, it is not exactly unknown. The fact that it seems to be the primary carry of Keanu Reeves’s John Wick will no doubt help catapult this ultra-reliable, ultra-modular, nail-driving Heckler & Koch opus into the limelight.

9mm Revolver – Ruger SP 101

Frankly, the current boom of revolvers chambered in 9mm is long overdue. The revolver’s simplicity, reliability, and often superior concealability is the perfect platform for the 9mm’s mid-sized versatility. While it is usually the Ruger LCR that gets the ink, the Ruger SP 101 is another concealable workhorse of a 9mm revolver. When wearing its rubber grips, you will forget that recoil is even a thing with this solid wheelgun.

Compact 9mm Semi-Auto – Kahr PM9

When it comes to concealable pistols chambered for 9mm, chances are the names you will see are Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Glock again, SIG, and probably also Glock. All-too-often overlooked is the dead-on, excellent-quality Kahr PM9. In addition to scary accuracy for a compact pistol, the Kahr PM9 is tough and features surprisingly intuitive ergonomics. Despite all of its unquestionable qualities, it is interesting to check out reviews for the Kahr PM9. It seems like the reviewers are continually baffled by what a great little gun it is.

Vintage 9mm

If the Browning Hi-Point is the father of the “wonder nine,” the Steyr GB is at least its very closest uncle. The meticulously engineered Steyr GB housed 18+1 when that kind of capacity was virtually non-existent in a 9mm handgun. If it were not for a then-unknown fellow Austrian upstart called “Glock” snapping up the military and law enforcement contracts for which the Steyr GB seemed a shoo-in, the model might now be a household name.


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