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Social networking is everywhere over us these days. So is Instagram as well.

The only question that stays the most unforgettable and important to us anytime we go somewhere, eat or drink something, or have some get together with our friends are indeed the Instagram Stories: any brief flashes of the recent past.

We have prepared a full and detailed Instagram Stories Guide for you below.

While designing an Instagram story, you should keep in mind the following ideas.

Help Your Product

This is apparent, so advertise it in your Instagram Story whether you have a product or that you are running a service. Showcase and shoot videos on how to use the items from various angles.

Create short videos describing what you are doing and why it is important for your clients if you are running a service. Be very specific about the importance of the service and its advantages. Do not just rely on the functions.

Move Towards Shout outs

Yes, on Instagram, shoutouts do exist.

It is a perfect way to create positive relationships with individuals you like and who share with you common content. Also, if you have spent a lot of time creating the beautiful Instagram feed, don't you just want to share screenshots of someone's feed right there?

The great thing about stories is that they do not have to look awesome. They just have to communicate the message and have a powerful call to action.

Swipe up to read messages.

Sadly, the Swipe up feature in Instagram Stories is only open to profiles with 10k + fans.

If you are an author or an opinion maker, the Swipe up option is great for sharing your new content. Of course, you should be innovative and push traffic, giveaways, etc. to your product page. Hire a designer or editor to apply some animation to the swipe-up arrow if you want to spice it up a notch. This would make the swipe rate more noticeable and improve it.

Promote the most recent article.

You do not have to create ties from your Instagram account. If you are writing fewer frequent updates, then even promoting your posts with Stories may be a smart idea.

Take a screenshot of your feed, blur out the new updates, and save your story with that pic. With a call to action, add @yourusername to visit your profile to see your new message. This will allow individuals to click on your username and be routed to your profile.

Edit Short Videos Epic

You need to step up your story editing if you want to stand out. Nearly everybody and their dog are sharing their stories with very generic videos and pictures. There is usually little to no video/photo editing involved.

You need to share thrilling tales to get people excited about your stories.

It isn't that fast, of course. To outsource it takes some skills (your time) or resources.

Edit Videos with Less Epic (Simply Add Music)

If you do not want to go through with editing, adding music to your videos brings an impressive layer to your videos. There are also several various free software that you can use on your computer for easy video editing.

So, take videos and images with a camera on your phone. To bring the best of these clips to your video timeline and add audio, use the time while commuting (not while driving yourself). Mind to retain per clip the 15 second time limit.

Comment Quotes

What better than getting a motivational quote from an account you are watching right in the morning?

If your account is not about motivating quotations per se, then it is a nice idea to post quotes in Articles. They are not going to screw up your cooking style.

To make cool graphics for your account and even design quotations for stories, you can use Adobe Spark, Canva, Design Wizard, or Easil.

For Quick Communications, use Graphics.

Now, this goes along with the argument before. It does not need to be a video any time you try to say something else to your audience. An image with text does the job just as well.

Even, with the editing, you do not need to go nuts. "Instagram now provides story backgrounds, making it even easier to write an update, share some insight, or just say "Good Morning.

You may also use the Photo Collage Creator of Canva to create a stunning design message.

Histories of Performance

If you are working with clients or if you have had a product that will help your customers overcome a problem, then help ensure you can include some of that social evidence in your Instagram Posts.

Showing screenshots of the real reviews is one of the easiest ways to do this. It makes it sound authentic.

You should go the extra mile to invite your clients to give a video testimonial that you can share on Stories. If you lack the time and people give their testimonials without asking, then the best way, to begin with, is to create easy screenshots.

Show your performance off.

A showoff nobody wants. Is it all right to explain a little?

For sure it is.

Instagram is very much about lifestyle marketing. Share it if you are doing well with your job, life, love, etc. Inspire to let individuals see what you have done.

You should strike a nice mix between showing off and being modest, based on your niche.

Show your job.

Are you an artist, a filmmaker, a producer, or someone who makes something, currently?

Nice. Good.

Instagram can be a fantastic place for the work to be seen. To advertise your portfolio, please use Instagram Posts. There are more than a few ways to get around it.

You can start by taking a short video talking about your new project or simply uploading a picture of the finished product.

Show How to Work You

Oh, hey, look! This is "take your supporters to the workday."

If you are watched by people because of who you are and what you do, so it would not be a bad thing to demonstrate how you function. It might not be the most natural thing to take photographs and videos at the same time you work, but the more you practice, the better you get at it.

Here is a pro tip: Use a handheld tripod to make a time-lapse of yourself during the day while you are sitting at an office table, and this is the most fascinating part of your career. Before you post, do not hesitate to add audio.

It may be a smart idea to even make related posts for them if several entities are working for you and your brand.

Creating Wallpapers

You can create beautiful smartphone wallpapers that people can download once you get good with the graphical resources I mentioned before.

If you are not good at this, just recruit a freelancer to send you some amazing wallpapers in your niche. Wallpapers are enjoyed by humans.

For your brand, this is a great branding channel. They are reminded of you and your brand every time people open their phones. @garyvee is doing an excellent job uploading wallpapers.

Know that people can make screenshots of it when you post a wallpaper, so do not write anything extra about it. Even, as individuals will typically crop out the top, bottom, and a little bit of the edges, make sure to add some space on the sides.

You should render the first slide with "Be ready to screenshot the wallpaper" call-to-action text and use the second slide as the wallpaper itself.

Alternatively, you can use the swipe up option that leads to a page from Dropbox or Google Drive where the wallpaper has been uploaded.

Product Evaluations

It does not matter whether you run a personal account or a brand account, a perfect Instagram Story concept is generated through product feedback.

As this article will be applicable for some time, it is also recommended that reviews be included as a highlight of the plot.

Share your truthful opinion in video format or write about the product's functionality and advantages using the backdrop style.

Promoting the Hashtag

Any brand should create a hashtag of its own. It can be the name of a product, brand name, or symbolize a trend in which your target market can associate.

For instance, take @chriskubby, who has established a successful Instagram presence. For all his fans, Chris is pushing #kubbyklub as an insider group. You will certainly get his attention by using this hashtag and you will also be able to win a Kubby cup.

Anything close to the #60secondclub that @garyvee is doing. In the post comments, these hashtags are usually used, but stories are a nice way to support the hashtag and the hashtag-related initiative.

Reveal Your Office

And it is not enough to show your work and portfolio. Your fans would probably like to know whether or not your desk is dirty and sloppy or on the tidy side. That says a great deal about an individual. If you're more of an artistic guy, it's not wrong to show off a messy desk.

Is all right as it should be? So, do not pretend to be someone you are not.

Promote various channels.

Checking facts. Instagram is not the only outlet out there for social media. You are losing out if you have not been developing a profile on other networks.

Now, I am all about Instagram, because I also think engaging with the followers is one of the strongest social media sites. We have seen some big changes on Instagram over the past year and it is not as fun as it used to be for our brands and advertisers.

I recommend listing the other channels often, even if you are not super busy, it is necessary to diversify.

I am essentially doing nothing because of my YouTube, for instance, but some of my supporters know about that. I gained over 700 subscribers with 0 images.

You can write as: Here is your chance even if you have never subscribed! I have pledged this to myself once I reach 2,000 subscribers, I will become successful on YouTube.

Giveaways Encourage

Hosting giveaways is one of my best tactics if you want to speed up your growth on Instagram. You should either host it alone or do it together, which is much easier in terms of having a good distance, with another account.

So, shoot a story that announces the giveaway, add a swipe if you can, and add this story to your highlights for the time being.

I recommend using storiesig to find fresh and interesting ideas by watching IG stories offline.

Favorites & Best of the best

People who are much more interested in YouTube have undoubtedly seen influencers and wider accounts making favorite posts.

In a word, it is a short description of the goods, services, books, etc. that the person likes. It is normally done month after month (e.g., April Favorites).

If you are losing Instagram Stories ideas, it could be a smart option to make short clips of favorites. I consider writing notes after a month to make this method simpler for you (any notes app on your phone will do).

Story for Unboxing

It is fun to have new stuff delivered to you, is it not?

If you are excited, so there will be your fans, too. So, fire your stories about unboxing the awesome new gadget you purchased from Amazon.

Maybe it is about your career, something? You can explain, even better, briefly how you can use this to make you more efficient and have better support.

Brands will give you their items all the time because you have tens of thousands of subscribers, so you can find no lack of material for unboxing.

Before & After

Is your business about some sort of transformation?

Instagram will shine for fitness trainers, company mentors, builders, construction enterprises and anyone else can present their work in "before and after". We have always thought about sharing your portfolio and success stories with clients.

Before and after, these two items mix beautifully in between. So, make sure you shoot a lot of content before you start working on something, so if you edit it all together, you'd have the "before" stuff.

Tutorials & Guides

Educating the fans increases involvement, there is no doubt about that. It also helps to put yourself in the industry as an authority.

So, in your niche, keep making important tutorials and guides. Care of diet and exercise schedules if you're a fitness instructor. Think about Photoshop and Lightroom lessons whether you are a designer or a photographer.

If you are in an industry where nothing is fascinating about making a tutorial, so actually speak to the audience and see what their lives and company are dealing with. See if you can assist them with something and translate it into a fun Instagram story.

Advice & tricks

This is very comparable to the preceding point. The biggest distinction here is that the superfast style is presented with tips and tricks. It is just not going to work on one story slide whether you think of a tutorial or a guide. A quick tip or a trick can and should, though.

You might start posting "Tip of the day," for instance, which reveals one really easy thing to try every day. This keeps the crowd interested and they will be able to see the stories every day.

Behind the Scenes Presentation

By offering them a look behind the scenes, keep the fans up to date on what is happening. All loves being part of exclusivity and watching how things pan out.

Let's presume you are planning a product launch, posting it, creating a story, or bringing together new tactics.

Go Alive

You need to hold live sessions if you want to receive a big following on Instagram.

Not just Instagram, but all sites on social media are promoting live streaming. Let your followers know you are consistently doing it (daily/weekly).

A live video is also a perfect way to have a chat with your fans. If you just have like 10 to 20 viewers at the beginning, don't worry. You actually will not get too many views if you go live for the first time.

If you have not done it yet, then it could be a nice start to host a life together in your niche with someone else. You can do a split-screen live with anyone who is watching as of late 2017.


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