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Posted by rickpetko9179 on January 12th, 2015

With the development of modern E cigarettes, one of the important parts of it, clearomizer has also been developed. Clearomizer is generally categorized in second generation of the E-cigarette device development. A clearomizer serves as the tank in the E cigarettes, which is filled with bottles of e-juice, that is, a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. In the development of clearomizer, Protank Clearomizer is the newest device which can enhance your vaping experience beyond your expectations. To experience the best quality of vaping, protank clearomizer is always recommended to you. Even the regular users of E-cigarette recommend the protank clearomizer.

A clearomizer usually consists of a cylindrical tube, which features a clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. Some of the main advantages of using a Clearomizer over atomizer and cartomizer is that, it shows the remaining level of e-liquid inside it, due to which you don't have the danger of running dry and burn the wick. It has a larger capacity for refilling e-liquids, and it can be filled easily with syringe. Clearomizer also provides stronger and higher vaporizing stability, and the users have control over the flavors, which they can refill with any flavor they prefer best. New protank clearomizer nowadays has larger life span as compared to early atomizer and cartomizer, it can be cleaned easily, you just have to dismantle it and rinse it. You can also buy inexpensive replacement atomizers to extend the life of your clearomizer. Another thing, which gives clearomizer priority over cartomizer, is that it is bigger than cartomizer. So it can store enough E liquid which can last, at-least for a few days.

Almost all the users of E cigarettes, feel that the flavors are more strong, when they use a Clearomizer. The Protank Clearomizer, when seen schematically, consists of a drip tip, drip tip connection ring, seal ring, glass tube made of pyrex, followed by seal ring, metal ring, coil and threaded base. All the mentioned parts of protank clearomizer are replaceable, it gives a thick vapor volume and excellent throat hit which enhances the excitement of vaping.

To find the best protank clearomizer for the amazing vaping experience, you can search online. There you will find a leading E-cigarette manufacturer, MJTech, which excels in making protank clearomizer, and contains all th above mentioned qualities.

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