Tips for Choosing the Right Winter Hat

Posted by custommadebeanies on January 12th, 2015

A brand winter hat is a stylish accessory for your wardrobe as well as keeping you warm in a cold season. While the market offers plenty of winter hats to choose from, it is true that each winter hat is made for different occasions. Therefore, not all hats can be suitable for you. Besides, each individual is unique with specific facial features, head shape, and hairstyle.

If you want a matching embroidered winter hat, it is important to select one that compliments your facial features. Here are some tips to help you select a matching beanie to make you comfortable during winter while you remain stylish when you go out with your friends.

Consider your face shape: before you buy a winter hat, it is important to know your facial configuration. Just as sunglasses, beanies should match your facial appearance as well. Different people have different facial appearances; for an oval shape, nearly any type of beanie can work. However, if your face is round or square in shape, you need a beanie with a low profile and a straight brim. For a long face, your hat should have a low profile and a wide brim.

Size matters: do not choose a big size beanie if your head is small, neither should you buy a quite smaller hat for a bigger head. Simply choose a Wisconsin knit wear hat that works proportionately with your head and facial appearance. Reliable suppliers of such hats should be able to advise you accordingly before you place an order.

Consider your hairstyle: when your hair gets in contact with cold, damp air, it can lose shape or frizz. To avoid that, have a ponytail or bun hairstyle to make your hair remain sleek and together when you have your beanie on. Besides, avoid winter hat if you have a curly hair that can frizz in damp weather. The best hairstyle is long hair that can work together with a tighter beanie.

Choose a warm material for your winter hat: beanies are available in different materials, and for winter season, you need a material that keeps you warm while you remain stylish at the same time. Wool knit beanies, herringbone, and tweed materials are both stylish and warm during cold seasons.

Finally, choose a suitable color to match your wardrobe. Beanies are accessories for pairing with other items, so ensure that what you buy matches what you already have in color.

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