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Posted by sprmwholesaler on January 12th, 2015

Sophisticated features, superb power, and a sleek industrial design put the HTC One among the best phones of 2013. It is praised for its excellent camera and top notch performance. Users particularly liked the large screen and the intuitive rear camera sensors that proved to be notable improvements from its predecessor. An HTC One might seem outdated now when compared to newer, more sophisticated, and powerful smartphones, but you might still want to provide this phone to meet the demands of your customers.

Why People Still Love HTC One

HTC One is a robust and powerful model. Its most noticeable feature is the beautiful brushed metal finishing of its all-metal body. Anyone who loves to take photos will appreciate the duo camera that captures vivid and realistic images. The seamless performance and long battery life are ideal for busy users constantly on-the-go. The Motion Launch feature further increased the HTC One's smartphone status. People who love to take selfies will enjoy the improved 5MP front camera.


Gorilla Glass 3 is a protective feature on the screen that prevents scratches. The HTC One is rated for liquid protection IPX-3, so it remains resilient, even when water sprays on it with a pressure of 80 to 100kPa for five minutes at up to a 60-degree angle from vertical. The unit can handle 0.7 liters of water per minute, too, and while this does not mean it is safe to submerge your phone into the water, the feature helps when you have to walk in the rain.


Fufil the Demand

Some retailers have phased out the HTC One in favor of newer smartphones. This makes it difficult for individuals who want the phone to seek a brand new model. However, they have the option to buy a refurbished HTC One from you at a lower price. You can order refurbished HTC One Mobile Phones from an established and reputable distributor at a more affordable price.


Buy Refurbished HTC One

A refurbished HTC One still has the same capabilities as a brand new unit, but it is cheaper because it has been previously used and owned. However, this does not mean that the phone is damaged or malfunctioning—in fact, in most cases, this means that the previous owner got bored, upgraded, or was not satisfied with it and returned it to the store.  Refurbished HTC One phones are thoroughly tested to make sure they still work and they are in good condition.

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