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Earlier, camels were utilized in various aspects of human lives. They were used  as a mode of transportation and hauling goods from one place to another.  Camels are still used all around the world for milk production.  Their milk is very nutritious and are widely used in the  manufacturing several health supplements. 

Camel like other animals does not  require  so much attention Camel with the right amount of feeding can be content for a long time with no need for more feed.  So, you do not need to stress yourselves everyday for  the feeding of your pet.  

When  thinking  to keep camel as a pet, you might be asking yourself, what do you feed a camel. Since, they can easily survive in the harsh climates of the deserts.  Their bodies are adapted to eating low quality grasses. You need   to avoid very rich in nutrients as it can leads to weight problems.

Some of the commonly used Camel Feed are:

  1. Alfalfa

Alfafa is widely used for feeding the camels. This kind of hay is generally found in USA, Sudan   and Egypt.  It is an excellent source of high quality protein content and highly digestible fiber.  This is why it is widely  used a camel feed.  Good quality alfafa hay not only keep your camel healthy, but also helps in increasing the amount of milk production.

  1. Bermuda hay

Bermuda is another most used  hay  for feeding camel. This type of hay is generally found in California and Arizona. Bermunda is an excellent source of good quality protein and contain very less amount of moisture.  The low amount of moisture mean, it can stay fresh  and in a good quality for a long time.

  1. Timothy hay

This type  of hay is generally found in the field of Washington  and Oregon in the USA. Timothy hay is large in size and contain moisture less than 13%. This means that this grass can  remain in good condition for a long period of time.

  1. Rodes  grass

Rodes grass is also used all across the world as a good food supplement for camel. They are generally grown in the field of Pakistan and are very beneficial for the health of the consumer. This type of grass contains  very less amount of moisture and rich in protein an digestible fiber.

  1. Wheat straw

Wheat straw is also used as camel feed.  It is very nutritious and contains moisture less than 10%.  It provides the camel  all the nutrients which help them to stay fit and healthy.

There are several suppliers available today that offer camel feeds. You need to visit a reliable and renowned supplier to buy a superior quality product for your  pet. 

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