Various Types and Role of Computer Support Technicians

Posted by dawson12 on January 13th, 2015

Customer support technicians can be categorised into two board types such as sales man technician and professionals. There are also certain other types of customer support technicians one who not only provides aid to fix the specific issue with the computer system but also gives the customers advice how to prevent the issues from arising in the future. The two other type of computer support technicians are as under:

  • Technician supporting computer users or tech support specialist

This group of professionals mainly provide support to computer users. The job of such a technician is to pay heed when the customer describes the problem and probe to the customer to diagnose the issue with the computer. After they are able to detect the issue that the customer faces with the computer, the technicians perform troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem. In case any hardware parts are required to be changed then proper instructions are provided by them. They can assist users to install software applications and can also train them on how to work with external or peripheral devices. In case the issue with the computer are installation of software or drivers or detecting spyware or virus or updating firmware, support can be provided over the phone, chat, email or by taking a remote access to the user’s computer. But in case the issue is related to any hardware replacement or repair user’s can be provided onsite support.

  • Technicians supporting computer networks


The task or job of such a technician is first test and detect the existing network systems. Technicians supporting Computer Networks also check whether the networks function properly and perform the maintenance needed for the operation of the network. They assist users in installing and making changes for the computer network. They also aid the users in troubleshooting internet systems, local area networks or wide area networks. They can also be referred to as tech support specialist. There task can be performed over the phone, chat, email or user can be provided onsite support or by taking a remote access to the user’s computer.

Role of Computer support technician

All Computer Support Technicians’ primary job is to troubleshoot computers. They also maintain computer systems, install software such as the operating system, scan and detect the virus, and assemble hardware parts such as upgrade any firmware in the system, install power supplies to the computer, repair the motherboard, also resolve network connectivity issues. They also try to fix issues that may arise in any peripheral devices.

The computer support specialist either work in either big and small Information Technology (IT) companies or local retail outlets. The basic qualification that is required to support customers in troubleshooting their computer systems is a bachelor’s degree in either computer studies or computer engineering. Certain others can even have a certified degree or some training in Information Technology systems. To be an expert in the firm in which they work, they also attend training programs that are organised on new technologies on hardware and software by the manufacturing companies.

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