Reasons Why Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets are the Must-Have Item

Posted by stella on January 13th, 2015

Sleepless nights and fussy baby. Are there the other worse things than that for a mom? When the first tooth emerges, a baby will tend to be fussy due to sore gums and show several symptoms which commonly appear during the phase called teething. During this hard time, Baltic amber teething necklaces become the must-have items. Here are the reasons:

Amber necklace for teething baby works as teething pain relief as well as cute accessory at the same time. So it offers more than one function. Not only necklaces, the amber artisans also make teething bracelets for baby. Fortunately, there are various designs, colors and shapes to choose from.

If you have never heard about Baltic amber teething necklaces or bracelets before, always keep in mind that this teething pain relief need to be worn around the neck or wrist, not chewed. To ensure safety, the amber necklace or bracelet comes with double-knotted beads and plastic screw clasp.

Besides, amber necklace for teething babies (and also bracelet) are easy to find. When you shop this product online, however, make sure to check whether they sell Baltic amber or other amber types. Amber produces succinic acid, the essential property to alleviate teething pain. Baltic amber, in fact, has the highest level of succinic acid, which means offers the best benefits for your teething baby.

Baltic amber beads will work by releasing succinic acid when the necklaces or bracelets are worn against baby’s skin. Succinic acid will be absorbed into bloodstream and eventually deliver health benefits.

For teething babies, succinic acid is useful to reduce inflammation (particularly in the gums), alleviate teething pain as well as providing calming effect for fussy baby. Additionally, Baltic amber teething necklaces are the great help to boost baby’s immune system and accelerate natural healing process. Also, succinic acid is useful to treat discomfort linked to irritations, colds and fevers.

As the time goes by, amber artisans start to make beautiful amber necklace for mom too. For adults, amber offers the great health benefits particularly for healing process. For adults, succinic acid works as inner body cleanser and healer. It absorbs pain and negative energy, thus allows body to rebalance and heal itself.

Further, amber necklace for mom is recommended due to its amazing benefits in alleviating stress and anxiety. If you have problems with eyes, kidneys and even joint problems, wearing an amber necklace would be the great help.

Unlike the other teething solution, Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets will last for a long time. Even when teething stage is over, your children can still wear them. There are three popular shapes of amber beads anyway: baroque, round flat and olive. Each of them is available in many different colors and three shades: polished, semi-polished and unpolished.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned benefits are clear enough for us to say that Baltic amber teething bracelets and necklaces are the must-have items for you and your teething baby/toddlers.

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