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Posted by Lutz Haagensen on February 13th, 2021

what is information security authentication, exactly what are information security certificates, and is information security authentication simple to test? Information security is an crucial work, which protects the information security dilemmas of countries, enterprises and people. Information security certificates are divided into domestic and foreign related certification. There are always a many people applying for information security certification every year. Is information security certification good? Exactly what are information security certificates? what's information security certification What exactly are the info security certificates? What are the information security certificates? domestic certificates (certification authority: China Information Security Evaluation Center) 1 (national registered information security professionals) in terms of CISP, security practitioners have found out about it, which can be regarded as domestic authoritative certification. All things considered, there's a government back ground endorsing the certification. If you wish to work in the government, state-owned enterprises and key industries, it is very important for enterprises to have information security service qualification and participate in network security projects. CISP when you simply take the exam, it institutions will ask you whether you choose CISO / cise, don't worry, those two are just the direction of the exam, the certificates are issued by the evaluation center, please start to see the subsequent push for the details of the certification... 2. Cisp-pte (national registered penetration test engineer) this certification is the first penetration test certification in China launched by 360 enterprise group and China Information Security Evaluation Center in 2017. Firstly, the certificate is also the national test certification, and the certification is requiredAt once, as a result of 360's participation in the operation, the certificated personnel can enjoy the interview free advantages of 360 enterprise's safety service department. Cisp-a (national registered information system auditor) cisp-a is the audit direction certification launched by China national test in 2017, and China Information Security Evaluation Center will issue information system audit service qualification for enterprises in the future, Just as enterprises require CISP in obtaining national security service qualification, how many cisp-a will also be required in audit service qualification. The work units providing audit services can pay attention to it. International certification 1 . CISSP (international registered information security expert) this certification is actually well-known in the security industry, and the issuing authority is ISC. This certification is also thought to be one of the more difficult tests. First of all, it covers a variety and has a large amount of knowledge. If you don't have relevant safety work experience, you can review it directly, that may burn your brain. The other is certification. Even after passing the examination, should you want to get a certificate, you'll want five years of relevant work experience in at least two of the eight domains. This threshold is a bit high. Nevertheless , if you have insufficient work experience, you may also simply take the examination, and submit an application for certification when you have enough work experience by keepin constantly your scores. For details, please reference the follow-up... CISSP certification demonstrates the holder has a sound information security knowledge system and rich industry experience, and serves major IT related enterprises, telecommunications, finance, large manufacturing, service industries and other industries with excellent ability. CISSP's working ability is trustworthy. 2. CISA (international registered information system auditor) the certification authority of CISA is ISACA, which also offers CISM crisc cobit5. 0 certification. First of all, CISA has a great influence in China, and students have begun to understand the importance of CISA in their job search. However, now we could begin to see the favor of CISA from the four major consulting, financial securities industry, it audit post or it department employees, including old-fashioned auditors. Like CISSP, CISA also needs 5 years of work experience, including at least 2 years of work experience in the field of audit / control. Compared with CISSP, the job experience is notably loose. The academic deduction experience can be up to 36 months, and the validity period of the score is 5 years. Consequently , you are able to take the examination first, after which make an application for the certificate. 3. CISM (international registered information security manager) the certification authority of CISM is ISACA, which will be the same certification authority as CISA above. This certification is related to CISSP, and even more difficult than CISSP. CISM differs from other information security certification due to its experience requirements and its own focus onInformation security manager work execution. Other information security certification focuses on specific technology, operation platform or product information. Or for the prior years of information security work. Only CISM is directed at information security managers, and the focus isn't any longer on individual technology or skills, but on the data security management of the whole enterprise. CISM is an individual that manages and supervises the info security of an enterprise. Many people may possibly have held relevant certification in other fields. As a result of the necessity to focus on management, work experience is relatively crucial. Therefore , CISM requires at least five years of experience in information security management, and the information of the examination is also dedicated to the daily work of information security managers. 4. Security + Security + is a certificate issued by CompTIA. This certification mainly is targeted on information security technology. The training content is relatively shallow. It is suitable for those who have just graduated or have little working experience and have to switch to information security. This really is a great stepping stone for entry-level security industry, especially for foreign-funded enterprises. What is more attractive is that there surely is no work experience and education requirements for the examination personnel, which really is a great learning motivation for most security enthusiasts. five. ISO27001 foundation certification ISO27001 foundation is a certification issued by APMG organization, asISO / IEC 27001, the absolute most famous international standard in information security management, can guide our practical work. ISO 27001 foundation is a course made to train and improve the information security management system (ISO 27001) builders. It pays more awareness of the implementation, maintenance and optimization of information security management system. 6. CCSK (cloud security certification) CCSK is the only cloud security certification in China, which is issued by the cloud security alliance (CSA). In 2011, the international cloud security alliance officially launched "cloud computing security knowledge certification (CCSK)". After five years of development, CCSK is becoming probably one of the most authoritative certification in the field of cloud security talents. In China, when cloud providers or employees of security service businesses do cloud security projects, this certification can first give everybody a preliminary comprehension of cloud security and bring necessary support to the project. 7. Devops master (development and operation and maintenance) Exin is a set of best practice methodology, which aims to advertise the cooperation and communication among IT professionals (developers, operation and maintenance personnel and support personnel) in the application form and service life cycle, and ultimately achieve continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous feedback. Suitable for agile development, operation and maintenance, project manager and other positions to learn, improve work efficiency. 8And PRINCE2 (project management under controlled environment) although PRINCE2 isn't as familiar as PMP in China, additionally it is project management. The huge difference between them is based on theory and practice. Many people chew PMP and turn around to review PRINCE2. Why? This isn't a little non-sense. Many students reflect that PMP is too theoretical to be used in practical work. More over, compared with PRINCE2, PMP is a primary project management certification. If people who have PMP certificates want to have more impressive range project management certification, additionally they need to continue steadily to simply take the professional certification of PRINCE2. Connect to this article: http://www.cnitedu.cn/it/share/20198313.html source address: http://www.epx365.cn/qgtk/201957142.html source Title: what's information security authentication? 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