Weekend Retreats: The Power of Meditation

Posted by dawson12 on January 13th, 2015

If you think that meditation is sitting under a tree waiting for some kind of enlightenment from above, you are completely mistaken. It is true that great spiritual leaders do it. But, this is just one among its many aspects. In fact, you can enjoy a relaxing or active meditation as per your requirements. The purpose of meditation is helping you feel relaxed and free from stress. Anything you do to de-stress yourself is meditation, provided you stay away from other distractions.

What to expect from meditation weekend retreats?

A meditation retreat is different from a regular vacation. If you stay in an accommodation designed for adventure tours, their utmost concern would be your comfort.  But, in a meditation or spiritual retreat facility, you may not find anything designed just for entertainment. For a majority of spiritual leaders or experts in the field, technology is closely linked with stress. Staying away from them would de-stress and refresh both your mind and body.

When it comes to food, meditation retreat centers generally offer organic meals; mostly vegetarian. There may be institutions where meat is not forbidden. But, they are sure to be rare. You can also go for self-organized retreats. This is ideal for people who don’t have any problem to meditate for long. To be honest, it is the best if you are someone searching for the meaning of life or trying to reach a certain spiritual level.

Do an in-depth research, almost all the renowned meditation retreat centers are located in scenic surroundings; probably near mountains. This is done so that you are helped to enjoy the healing power of nature. Studies show that most of the health troubles man experiences has its perfect solution in nature. You just have to allow it to do the restoration work.


Whatever is the type of retreat you choose, your decision to go for the same presents the following benefits.

  • It removes stress: This is the most visible advantage meditation retreat has in store for you. You allow yourself to be free from the concerns of life. These negative or saddening thoughts give way to certain exercises designed for your mind. When done for at least two days, your body gets rejuvenated and your mind is refreshed.
  • Meditation prepares you to face life: Don’t think that a few days of meditation would sort out all the troubles you may face. It prepares a strong foundation. The guides in the facility would teach you strategies to stay calm in storms using the power you received during your time there. This knowledge when combined with the ability to utilize your inner strength in your favor is sure to work miracles.

It also offers numerous physical benefits. Surf the Internet to know more about it.

Weekend retreats are not for those who have the time and money to spend for them. Allow yourself an opportunity to experience the amazing effect of meditation. You won’t need further advice to enjoy from this pool of internal healing as much as you want.

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