UIC Travel Insurance Provide insurance Cover While You Travel Abroad

Posted by Muhamamd Waqar Asghar on February 13th, 2021

Travel has become one of the most essential partof people’s lifestyle these days. While some people travel to seek relaxation and rejuvenation from their mundane routine, others do it to maintain their status symbol. Both domestic as well as international travel are widespread among people throughout the world.

While there are many advantages of giving yourself  a break and traveling to the most beautiful places globally, sometimes traveling may bring some risks and emergencies. Anymishaps such as accidents, loss of luggage, and other emergencies may disrupt your entire vacation. But fret not; as now you can safeguard such travel related risks by opting for UIC travel insurance.

UIC travel insurance is extended to all the citizens of Pakistan, to protect you against all the contingencies and unwanted expenses. This insurance policy provides coverageto the insured travel against all kinds of travel related risks and uncertainties.

UIC travel insurance covers all kinds of medical expenses that may arise while you are vacationing. You can get in touch with a service provider and purchase insurance for all your trips. Such insurance can also be tailored as per your specificneeds. Hence, you may get it customized according to the number of members traveling abroad, your length of the vacation,and so on.

UIC travel insurance is sold either as a travel medical plan or travel package plan. Package plans are more prevalent among individuals, as they bring different types of coverages together in a policy. Hence, you can make the most of many facilities while opting for a single package.

Here is everything that is included in the UIC travel insurance package plan:

  • Medical coverage
  • Delayed or lost baggage insurance
  • Student care plan
  • Replacement of travel documents
  • Flight cancellation or delay
  • Concierge services that may extend up to 24 hours

UIC travel insurance should be your need of the hour if you are a frequent traveler, and you don't want to bear unwanted emergency or medical expenses while traveling abroad. This insurance will help you a lot. So get yourself insured under this scheme as soon as possible.

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