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Posted by sarabro on January 14th, 2015

A door at the entrance of any building creates a lasting impression and is an indication of what can be expected inside. It gives an introduction to the design and architecture of the house. Classic doors highlight the elegant taste and style of the house owners. Doors are essentially made of seasoned wood or compressed board. Alternative material like uPVC or fiberglass is also used nowadays. Panel doors are one of the most popular designs used for residential doors. Be it the front door, bedroom door, living room or for the balcony, panel doors add a distinctive feature to the typical flush straight design.

Panel doors are constructed to glide on rails and stiles and consist of a number of panels separated by midrails, midstiles or muntins. Normally 6 panels are set together and this provides extra strength and durability than one single board of wood. The panels are set to glide or float as they are not fixed to the door frame. This is beneficial as the wood expands and shrinks due to change in level of humidity in the air and still functions perfectly without making any noise. Classic doors add a unique character to your house. Classic designs from the renaissance, later century’s baroque style or rococo style doors give an ornate look to your house.

Classic doors can be in combination of wood and glass side panels. Instead of glass you can also put mirror. You can have transparent, frosted or toughened glass depending on where the door is to be fitted. Clear transparent glass is best for balconies and French doors or conservatories for better view. Bathrooms need frosted glass while toughened glass can be used for front doors. You can use your creativity in designing panel doors. The panels can be in variety of shapes. They can be in same colour and texture or in combination using laminates, steel, chrome, lacquered glass, stained glass and many more.

Doors are important part of the house for providing security and adding aesthetic value as well. When you are planning to install new doors or refurbishing your old doors, employ the services of the best carpenters. These are investments made to last a lifetime and you should not compromise on the quality. Master joiners will have several design options for panel doors to choose from their vast repertory. You can view them in the galleries featured in their website. Design of any classic door should be compatible with the overall pattern of your house. You should not opt for one simply because it is the trend going around.

The designs of great masters are reflected in classic doors and often you own a piece of art in your house. Ornate designs and elegant cuts mark a gothic design from simple straight lines of contemporary style. Unique character of panel doors is that they easily play with light and shade to give a three dimensional effect. This adds to the décor of your room and house. These need more maintenance as dust tends to collect on raised edges of panels. Whatever is your requirement or desire you will find the best company in the internet to install it for you. Do compare rates before placing the final order.

Putting up classic doors in your house showcase your preference towards all things artistic. Panel doors will bring variety in your house with its multi dimension look.

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