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Posted by AmandaTom on January 14th, 2015

Today with cost of real estate escalating rapidly, most home owners seek to add more floor space with as little extra cost as possible. Conservatories have been in vogue in Europe since many centuries but became popular from the times of Queen Victoria. Like most other objects of the times, Victorian conservatories are marked by their ornate style and artistic architecture. But after the Second World War, with many technical developments taking place in glazing and use of aluminium, simple conservatories started being constructed. Lean-to conservatories have a contemporary look which blends seamlessly with most buildings and properties. You can engage leading installers to build one for your home.

Conservatories provide a dual benefit for homeowners like giving an extra room for guest entertainment or for spending family time and the space remains comfortable with a well-lit and warm cosy look. Nearly three-fourth of the walls and the roofs of conservatories are made with transparent or translucent material like glass. Glass used in lean-to conservatories is glazed and tempered for more energy efficiency and strength. You can thus add extra area to your house at a nominal cost. Victorian conservatories can be a welcome addition when you want to change or refurbish the old look of your house. It’s the easiest way to give a fresh new dimension to your house.

A major benefit of having a conservatory is the scope of enjoying more time in the sun. You may not like to sit in the open for long but your conservatory provides comfort of lounging under a roof while availing the goodness of sunlight. Lean-to conservatories are cheaper to construct as it literally leans against one wall of the main building thus saving you on cost. The roof slopes higher up against the building hence making the conservatory roomier. Structure of Victorian conservatories is considerably more complex. The front is curved with large bay windows and has 3,5 or 7 facets each adorned with smaller glass windows.

Conservatories can be constructed with seasoned hardwood but will increase the cost of installation manifold. Materials like uPVC or aluminium make them durable and lightweight. These are pre-fabricated and very easy to install, most often with do-it-yourself guidelines in the form of CDs. The simple straight lines of lean-to conservatory make it the simplest to put up. Victorian conservatories, with their all glass walls and roofs are very comfortable during evenings and in the winter since ambient temperature is maintained. So you can enjoy your time in the sunshine in your brand new conservatory.

When you design your own conservatory you can have as many windows as you want. The roof slants heavily in Victorian conservatories which is the typical style. Technology will help you to use lean-to conservatory all round the year with triple glazing of glass, heating from under the floor and effective lights. You can make the most of whatever natural light is available even in winter. You should construct your conservatory at that part of your property which offers the best view and enjoy time with your friends and family over drinks, cards or television. Increase aesthetic value of your house and enjoy your leisure in your very own conservatory.

Get the best Victorian conservatories installed at very reasonable rates. Get experts to fix your lean-to conservatory and remain tension free for many years.

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