The Importance of Hiring a Skilled and Experienced Criminal Litigation Lawyer in

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Unlike civil cases, criminal cases involve two sides where one is a law body and the other is the person or a group of persons charged under a criminal law. Being charged under criminal law is different from having a civil litigation filed against you as criminal laws carry punishments in the form of jail sentences. This is why to defend against a criminal charge you should immediately opt for a criminal litigation lawyer in UAE.

Quick Bail

When charged under a criminal law in the UAE, a person, also known as the accused, is arrested by the investigating authorities and presented in court in due time. The accused requires the assistance of a criminal litigation lawyer in UAE to get bail. Without a criminal lawyer by your side, getting quick bail can be tough and time consuming.

Gathering Evidence and Preparing a Defense

During the trial, the onus of establishing guilt on the accused beyond reasonable doubt lies entirely on the prosecution. Therefore, it should always be expected that the prosecution with try their best to convince the judge and the jury by presenting a very strong case backed by evidence. This is where the skills and the experience of a criminal litigation lawyer in UAE come into play.

A criminal litigation lawyer in UAE can investigate the case from the beginning, collect evidence, record testimonies from witnesses and cross-examine the evidence presented by the prosecution to find holes in the arguments of the prosecution. The criminal litigation lawyer will come up with an effective and solid defense on behalf of the accused are prove in court that the accused in fact is innocent of any wrong doing and has been wrongly charged by the investigating authorities.

Seeking Re-Trial and Leniency

Another important role played by a criminal litigation lawyer is in getting the severity of the sentence reduced for the client who has been adjudged guilty by a court after a criminal trial. Depending on the nature of the charges levied, the accused can face prison sentence of variable length, or in extreme cases, even the death penalty. A criminal litigation lawyer can get the length of the sentence reduced by pleading for leniency from the judge on various grounds.

Hiring a Reputed Criminal Litigation Lawyer in UAE

It is important to hire a qualified, trained and experienced criminal litigation lawyer who has a proven track record. Sometimes the reputation and the clout of a defense lawyer, as well as his or her skills and behavior in front of the judge can play a role in tilting the judgment in favor of the accused.

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