Some Over-rated Myths related to IELTS Exam

Posted by aecoverseas on January 15th, 2015

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The fashion of studying in the foreign countries is setting a new trend among youngsters. In India, the craze for settling in the distant far-off countries is at its zenith. Today the presence of Indians can be seen in almost every English-speaking country like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, and Australia etc. However, the English spoken over here in India is in very contrast with the type of English spoken in these countries.

There are some top-notch IELTS coaching in Kanpur to make you competent enough to beat the exam with good scores. Nevertheless, there are some hyped myths associated with this exam. Let us burst them one-by-one.

It is a general view that IELTS is too difficult


Rather, the fact is IELTS is no more difficult as compared to any other exam. The questions are straightforward and designed to assess how well you can use your English. As you prepare thoroughly for any other exam, so for IELTS. You just have to remember there is no pass or fail criteria in this exam. It’s all the game of bands. The lowest is one and the highest is nine. All you have to do is according to the requirements of the visa or the university you have applied for try to attain those many bands.

Another very common one is if I sit in my native country, I will score better


Well, if this had been the case then it would have been the most biased exams ever. The level of difficulty will remain same wherever you go and apply for the exams. The only key factor to score high is prepare thoroughly much before the exam date and sleep well and takes good meals day before your exam.

I will not score good or required bands, if I do not speak in the right accent


Now this is something very stupid. Why they will expect to become perfect in the accent within the time span of 2-3 months? No need to change your accent for the test. Instead, focus on your language skills and peaking clearly at a natural pace, so that the examiner can understand you well.

And please, do not ever think you can cheat easily in the exam hall.


Now this could be the worst mistake you are going to make in exams like this. Kindly come out of this notion because IELTS is protected with multi-layered security and there are multiple identity checks for you to escape. Like your scanned photograph and fingerprints, which are taken again during the writing and speaking test?

So don’t ever think of cheating or deceiving the authorities instead study harder to achieve your goal and make a fantabulous career abroad.

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