How to determine the title of bank audit thesis

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1、 Topics of bank audit theses which can be simple to write 2. Recommendation of graduation thesis topics of bank audit 3. Complete number of University bank audit theses topics 4. Reference of the newest bank audit theses topics five. Exemplary bank audit theses topics of university students #@@#@!![100 questions] complete collection of bank audit theses topics, each of which is selected, After reading, I'll learn how to determine the title of the bank audit paper and other related writing skills, so that the bank audit paper writing easy! - Discussion on bank audit supervision 2. The technique and application of commercial bank audit test sample size -- risk oriented 3. Research on the effective use of data mining technology in commercial bank audit 4. Research on the use of data mining technology in commercial bank audit five. Research review on the effective use of data mining technology in commercial bank audit 6 7. Discussion on improving the caliber of bank audit report 8. Using bank audit to boost financial management ability 9. Correctly working with several relationships in bank audit 10. Analysis on the risk prevention of commercial bank audit in the web Financial era 11. Application of statistical analysis in agriculture Application of bank audit methodology system: Data Mining and methodology modeling of cross border business12. Preliminary study on the audit risk and prevention and control strategies of commercial banks 13. Analysis on the audit risk prevention of commercial banks in the web financial era 14. Application of data mining technology in the audit of commercial banks 15. Analysis on the causes and Countermeasures of the audit risk of the people's Bank of China 16. Analysis on the audit of commercial banks in China under the change of financial environment 17. Change of financial environment The impact on the audit of commercial banks 18. The look and implementation of the audit information management system of Bank of China 19. The analysis of the audit of commercial banks in China underneath the changing financial environment 20. The analysis of the down sides faced by the audit supervision of commercial banks and the methods to increase the audit quality 1 ) The key theories and types of foreign commercial bank audit 2. Operational risk oriented audit Application analysis in the audit of commercial banks 3. Using audit rectification to maximise the audit value of commercial banks 4. Strategic thinking on doing a good job in the audit rectification of Agricultural Bank five. New Basel Accord and bank audit risk 6. Analysis on the improvement of the audit system of Agricultural Bank of China 7. Discussion on the audit work of China Construction Bank 8 The audit bureau of Agricultural Bank of China has compiled and issued the corporation guide for senior auditor examination and review application materials 9. Prevention and control of procedural risk points of commercial bank audit project 10. Commercial bank audit 11. Basel Accord and new options that come with international commercial bank audit 12. Construction of audit capacity building framework of the people's Bank of China from the perspective of internal audit transformation of the central bank 10 13. Deloitte accounting company commercial bank audit faculties and Enlightenment 14Create a new mode of off-site audit -- Interview with Jin Panshi, deputy general manager of Audit Department of China Construction Bank 15. Local commercial bank audit should look closely at faculties 16. Crucial technical support for high-end audit business capacity building: Interpretation of audit recommendations for commercial banks 17. Optimization and trend analysis of audit information platform for commercial banks 18 An empirical study on the audit rectification of rural commercial banks to promote the construction of internal control based on the practice of audit rectification of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank The risk of commercial bank audit can't be ignored 3. The development trend of commercial bank audit 4. The application of computer in bank audit 5. Review the real history Important enlightenment: case analysis of Lincoln savings and credit bank audit in the usa six. Discussion on bank audit 7. Analysis on audit of state-owned commercial banks in minority areas 8. Research on bank audit risk beneath the background of new Basel Accord 9. Discussion on the reasons and prevention suggestions of audit danger of the people's Bank of China 10. Practice and exploration of audit sampling method of grassroots people's Bank of China 11. From the perspective of policy, the audit of rural banks 12, the judgment and choice of audit mode of commercial banks 13, the design and implementation of bank audit management information system 14, the existing problems and Countermeasures of audit rectification of commercial banks 15, China's listed companiesResearch on audit fees of commercial banks 16. Research on audit risk analysis and control of commercial banks under data audit mode 17. Application of system audit in commercial bank audit 18. Analysis on audit project quality control of commercial banks 19. Auditing guidelines for Internet Banking (ISACA) 20. Anti money laundering action must certanly be fully concerned Note: bank audit 1 ) Research on audit problems of commercial banks based on risk orientation 2. Exploration of internal audit quality evaluation of commercial banks -- Taking the inner audit quality evaluation of Wuhan Branch of Audit Bureau of Agricultural Bank of China for example 3. Research on data interface between bank audit pc software and enterprise accounting computer software 4. Audit practice of commercial banks five. Certified public accountant's performance evaluation Issues that must be taken notice of in the audit of commercial banks six. Some applying for grants the professional management of audit of commercial banks 7. Audit of commercial banks beneath the environment of computer information system 8. Application of a data mining method with predefined rules in the audit of commercial banks 9. Thoughts on avoiding audit risks and improving audit quality of commercial banks 10 Analytical review method in audit 11. Risk and management of commercial bank audit 12. Suggestions for improving commercial bank audit 13. Application and thinking of data audit method in bank audit 14. Analysis of factors restricting the utilization efficiency of audit results of grass roots people's Bank of China 15. Analysis of bank audit technology and methods 16 Opportunities and challenges for Certified Public AccountantsApplication of graph method in bank audit 18. Analysis of China's commercial bank audit underneath the change of financial environment 19. Analysis of China's Bank Audit Supervision in the post financial meltdown era 20. Discussion on bank audit management - Preliminary study on the development trend of commercial bank audit 2. Considering risk oriented commercial bank audit 3. Audit system of commercial banks 4. A comparative study of audit models of commercial banks 5. The judgment and selection of audit types of commercial banks in China 6. Commercial bank audit 7. Bank audit should pay full awareness of money laundering 8. Pan squill bank audit case 9. Audit risk analysis of commercial banks 10. Information system audit in commercial banks Application research in audit 11. Commercial bank audit from the perspective of modern risk oriented audit 12. The impact of financial environment change on commercial bank audit 13. Systematic analysis framework of cooperation between audit and bank supervision international comparison of bank audit mode 14. Construction of information platform for cooperation between bank supervision and bank audit 15. Establishment of new supervision system Supervision mode Implementation of risk oriented audit: Interview with Fan Jun, general manager of Audit Department of Bank of communications 16. Impact of fair value on bank audit risk and Countermeasures 17. Discussion on bank audit education mode in the new era 18. Causes and Countermeasures of audit risk of commercial banks 19. Comparison and reference of audit system of commercial banks between China and the usa 20 Research and analysis of some thoughts on the standardized management there are a lot of students who are not content with itKnow just how to determine the title of bank audit thesis, and recommend the whole book of bank audit thesis titles in most of graduates. bank audit References: #@@#@!![1] template of outline of bank audit thesis, how to write the framework of bank audit thesis [2] foreign literature of bank audit, which references of bank audit have the complete book of bank audit thesis titles How to determine the title of a bank audit paper spo to club (megvásárolható itt››)

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