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Posted by Lutz Deleon on February 13th, 2021

it audit, computer audit and computerized audit are popular terms of information system audit. The information system audit in China began in the late 1980s. After significantly more than two decades of development, China's information system audit has made some progress, nonetheless it is still in a comparatively backward stage. Currently, the importance of information system audit to the country and different industries is now increasingly prominent. The career prospects of information system auditors are bright, however the real information system auditors are extremely scarce in China! Since ISACA's CISA examination certification was introduced into China, some individuals have developed the CISA certificate one after yet another. Lately, the number of people taking the CISA examination is increasing each year, and several individuals have obtained the CISA certificate of ISACA. Because the content of CISA certification examination focuses on theory, so even though you get the CISA certificate, the situation continues to be just how to do the information system audit? How to audit information system? As one of the earliest CISA training institutions in China, Gu an frequently receives similar questions from trainees. To be able to solve this issue, depending on the practical experience of many information system audit projects that have been implemented, Gu'an launched the data system audit (IT audit) practical training curriculum in 2013. Given that the info system audit is a fresh event, especially the data technology practitioners are relatively not really acquainted with it, the training program starts from the idea and principle of internal audit, and introduces the info system audit method detailed, from concept to apply, from static to dynamic, from managementThis course will even introduce the scope of on-site audit, inspection methods, key points of report preparation and matters needing attention from the perspective of practice in combination with the faculties of domestic IT audit. Working out objective of Gu'an information system audit (IT audit) practical course is always to explain how to use it most readily useful practice standards, methods and tools to audit an organization's IT system, in order to find out the technical vulnerability and management weakness of the organization's IT system in the areas of IT governance, security, operation and maintenance, development and business continuity, and report to the management within an appropriate way Find out the risk of it, track the danger continuously, and improve the IT risk control amount of the business. It content includes information system audit (IT audit) foundation, information system audit (IT audit) standards, common information system audit (IT audit) methods, internal cases and tools of information system audit (IT audit), and so on In September 2013, China's CISA examination venues are: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen examination date: September 7, 2013 Start Date: April 24, 2013 deadline for preferential registration: June 12, 2013 deadline for final registration: July 22, 2013 change of examination registration information: from July 23 to July 29 After July 29, 2012, the application form for information change will not be accepted refund: in 201For applications submitted before August 5, 2013, the fee is . For applications submitted between August 6, 2013 and August 23, 2013, the fee is 0 five: 00 p. m. in Gago (central standard time). also note: the deadline for final registration in September and December 2013 will be changed so that candidates who failed in the June / September 2013 examination can take part in the next September / December 2013 examination. ISACA will provide credentials to register in line with the preferential registration price; from June 2013 examination, following the examination date The results will be released within five weeks (originally 8 weeks). for the particular opening time, please contact Gu An Tian Xia 400-070-6887 or visit Gu An Tian Xia website isaca cisa certification cisa exam isaca

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