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Posted by Mendoza Valencia on February 14th, 2021

I want to start out by saying this isn't a political piece, nor can it address everything to do with the U.S. health care system, national or otherwise. find out here seems the greater advanced medicine gets, the harder we must be our personal medical advocates. We must know and understand our personal bodies and assume responsibilty to take care of them. This is both easier and much more difficult of computer was once. It also seems that the more technology we develop for diagnosing and treating diseases, the greater diseases you'll find. The medical system as we know it today may be confusing and frustrating however the advances in treatment options are already nothing short of miraculous in a few areas. The future, I believe, lies in more alternative, complementary and self-care products and techniques. More specifically, kinds of Vibrational Medicine and Energy Medicine. Energy medicine continues to be studied in the East for pretty much 5000 years. In the West vibrational medicine may be studied and technologies determined by vibrational work happen to be developed since at least the 1940s. More health professionals are studying and using vibrational medicine techniques like digital homeopathy, medical bioresonance, EAV and Laser Energetic Detoxification. Work is getting done by James Roberts, MD and Lee Cowden, MD both Cardiologists and Dr. Rick Hunt PhD. just to name some. In his paper Digital Homeopathy - Evaluation and Treatment Dr. Roberts says "Digital homeopathy is really a difficult concept to comprehend. eden energy medicine certified practitioner is difficult to write about - but this is the way forward for Medicine so I'll give it a try." visit our website procedes point out that the late Dr. Jacques Benveniste MD "provides irrefutable scientific proof that vibrational exchange will be the language of biochemistry." Vibrational Exchange could be the concept that homeopathy is depending on. In simplified language, the standard label of western prescription medication is that the cells have receptors that receive and bind to be able to drugs which can be administered for therapeutic effect. But why would our bodies contain receptors to substances for example pharmaceuticals that failed to exist previously? The answer through the vibrational model is that the bodies are not receiving these molecules directly but you are matching the vibrational frequency in the drug administered. The drugs emit (as everything do) an electromagnetic signal, vibrating at the specific frequency that might be sensed and responded to with the cells of your body. In addition to traditional homeopathy and new digital homeopathy like Aura Patch Therapy, you'll find many other energy medicine or vibrational medicine exercises that we may use as self-care to control our very own bodies and keep ourselves healthy for example EFT, acupuncture and several specific therapies according to acupressure that involve tapping energy (acupressure) points on your body to balance subtle energies. For more on these please reference my other Ezine articles. The way ahead for vibrational medicine is bright!

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