How Autonomous Cars Will Change Our Way Of Life

Posted by LouisWillis on February 14th, 2021


You just want to go to work. Nothing simpler: you call a car from your mobile phone, and in two minutes it comes alone to the desired place. You get up and do your job reading your emails, while the car handles its head through the crowded traffic. A few tens of minutes later, you reached your destination. You get off and the car leaves for the next customer. The trip was automatically paid for on your credit card.

Having actually been checked in the Pacific Northwest, Recruiter has traveled by means of numerous types of harsh weather. It can simply browse its own technique with active roads. Sean Scott, bad habit head of state of Amazon Scout, states that "One of our favored component of this quest thus far has actually been observing exactly how enthusiastic consumers are actually when they find the shipment gadget for the first time, and also exactly how they have actually accepted Recruiter in to their neighborhood." Kar-go are actually designed and built by the Academy of Robotics.

You gave up your personal car for several years, and the money you would have lost for the privilege of being stuck in traffic you spend to be driven by a robot on wheels. The culmination is that, at the end of the month, you are left with something extra. To some, this scenario may seem SF. For many citizens, however, it is only a little different from their daily commute to work with one of the car sharing services: only the driver is missing from the landscape.

But that wouldn't be a problem, because you didn't feel like talking to a stranger anyway, and the time gained on the way to the office is invaluable.

This is the future promised by the main car manufacturers.

We are talking here about a serious matter: so far huge amount of money has been invested in autonomous driving technologies, and the money will continue to flow, because the target is a market estimated to reach huge amount of money by the middle of this century.

No wonder, given that manufacturers estimate a profit margin of 20% or even more for each autonomous car 2-3 times more than they get today - even if all these vehicles will be electric, so more expensive than "normal" cars.

But how do we get there anyway?

Five levels until complete robotization

Today, most new cars leave the factory with level 0 automation: they are able to warn you when you have another vehicle in the blind spot or when you inadvertently left the lane you are moving on.

Basically, at this level, the car uses video cameras and other sensors to pull your sleeve, without intervening in any way on driving.

Very soon, however, most cars will come from the factory with automation level 1, the one in which they are able to adjust their speed according to the vehicle in front and return to the lane on their own if the driver does not react.

Almost all new cars today offer these technologies as an option.

To these are added the parking assistance systems, in which the driver adjusts only the speed and the car performs the parking maneuvers itself. In all these cases, the man is obliged to keep his hands on the wheel and can take control at any time.

The car will "dialogue" with the infrastructure

In order for autonomous vehicles of any kind to function, coherent and easily visible road markings are needed.

Then, 5G communication technology will allow an almost instantaneous dialogue between cars and infrastructure, allowing cars to anticipate traffic, pedestrian trajectory, but also other objects outside the range of their own sensors.

autonomous delivery vehicle

The adoption of technologies that are already installed on cars sold in the West will be delayed precisely for reasons related to poor infrastructure. That is, if we don't take action in the meantime.

How autonomous cars will change our lives

Back where we started, therefore: the producers mania to create the autonomous car is a purely capitalist one, which indicates a high probability of success. Artificial intelligence will allow cars of this kind to learn faster and faster, and the hundreds of millions of kilometers driven by the network of self-employed people will be just as many arguments against human drivers.

How will this change our lives?

Simple: first of all, we will give up the idea of buying another car that only we can use for an hour or two a day or a week. It would simply be too expensive. Obviously, we can choose to buy an autonomous car and rent it for the rest of the day - and it will make money while we're at the office, and then it'll be nice to take us home. Or we will share it with others even on the way home, if we keep talking. During the night she will continue to work, except for the moments when she will go alone to charge her battery at a station where the electricity has become cheaper.

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