How To Improve User Retention With Mobile App Onboarding?

Posted by Mike on February 14th, 2021

When it comes to mobile app development, customer onboarding plays the role of an integral contributor in its success. With great customer onboarding, you can reduce user abandonment rates and increase user retention for your mobile app. So, if you want to improve or increase the user retention of your app, you should ensure to provide the users with a seamless user experience that consists of design elements, customer gladness, and a great deal of their value.

Below in this article, we will discuss some of the best practices that you can follow to create a better user onboarding experience, which will convert initial downloads into extremely-engaged users. For this, you can also get help from a Specialized Dubai App Developer.

The Best Practices To Improve User Retention Through Mobile App Onboarding:

Now, let us explain these practices in detail so that you can use customer onboarding properly to improve user retention of your app.

  1. Don’t Go For Lengthy Sign up/Log in Forms:

Using lengthy forms is not a favorable approach to use onboarding, particularly on mobile devices as they have small screens. The ideal approach is to use a single form so that the users can easily sign up or log in. For instance, you can use a social media account to sign up/log in to your app.

Hence, if your app is a service-based app with a user base of previous customers, you should understand that it needs more information. To manage it easily, you should split the sign up/log in process into more than one screen and try minimizing the user input.

  1. Give Feedback Instantly:

Feedback is helpful for mobile app onboarding in various ways. It can point out successes or mistakes in the validation procedure. Here it is better to use precise notifications that can bring positive support to the users for completing the process on your app.

Suppose a user faces an issue of password failure on your app. Once he enters his password, your app should display a clear and contextual error notification so that he can understand that what he has done wrong. It will minimize your app’s failures and make it easier for the users to navigate your app smoothly.

  1. Use Guided Interaction To Bring Progress

If you have a complex mobile application, you should prefer progressive mobile user onboarding that works as a guided tutorial about your product. The best approach for having a progressive onboarding experience is to use a fun element in the finding procedure without hurting the experience.

By using guided interaction in your mobile onboarding, you can engage the users in exploration instead of telling them what they need to do. The best example for such an experience is video games, in which the users have to play through actions to understand the controls and game environment rather than watching lengthy tutorials.   

  1. Use Animation Decisively:

Thinking of why you should use animations for improving the mobile onboarding experience? There are three following reasons for that:

  • Give attention to those components that will be helpful for users to make progress.
  • Provide Feedback to help out the users take action in case of any issues.
  • Present new content without giving the users a feeling that they are leaving a certain screen.   

You can use animations for these three purposes. However, you need to make sure they should be attention-grabbing, not irritating for the users.

  1. Test And Test Again:

Mobile app onboarding is significant for keeping the users engaged on your app. This is why you should always listen to your users and act upon their reviews. By taking users’ feedback, you can indicate the errors or issues in your onboarding process and then fix them. Besides this, you can also try testing new things whether the users love or hate them.

To Sum Up!

The bottom line is that you should focus on the mobile onboarding experience if you want to improve overall user retention for your mobile app. The high user retention rate guarantees that users find your app truly valuable, which means your app is successful. To boost your mobile onboarding experience, you can follow the best practices mentioned above. Nevertheless, if you need any professional help, you can contact a specialized App Developer Dubai.     

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