How Website Design Has Been Advanced Since The 1990s?

Posted by Mike on February 14th, 2021

Undoubtedly, when we go back or rewind the history of web design, the thing which we realized that how fast and effectively the web design has been updated and still enhancing and advancing its features, themes, and patterns. But still, there are some points and facts which people don’t know about the revolution of website designing.

Therefore, to consider this, we are here today. In this article, we will jot down some of the basic factors and modern modifications that we have seen in the web design industry. So, keep reading the article! However, if you are willing to create an engaging website for your business, you must contact a seasoned Dubai Web Design.

How Website Design Has Been Advanced Since The 1990s?

Now, instead of dragging this, let’s get the ball roll and unveil it together.

Nostalgic Of The HTML:

The first basic language of web designing, which was introduced in the 1990s era, was the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). During that time, this language only shared the simple browsing text pages and contained heavy pages, vertically structured, and blue underlined hypertext feature for navigation along with some graphics.

The Advancement Of The Tables:

Then gradually, in the late 1990s, web designers introduced the new feature which was the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allowed them to show some graphical icons and images on their websites. In that period, they also presented the table feature just for the sake of arranging the better text and graphics.

Flashy Designs:

For better enhancement after the table feature, web designers introduced the new flashy design feature that allowed them to incorporate animations, videos, music, and some dynamic audio-visual graphics features to their sites.

This flash design was certainly one of the vital advancements through which designers made their websites more interactive and creative. They also added some new splash pages, menus, bubble rendered buttons, animations, and an attention-grabbing look for better usability and web accessibility.

CSS The Cascading Style Sheets:

After the flash advancement, people demanded and expected more as they preferred and loved to interact with social media. Thus, to consider this interest, web designers came up with this CSS feature, and the reason behind this CSS advancement was to make the website creativity more sophisticated and flexible.

With the help of this CSS feature, designers could create better fonts, sizes, sub-headings, multiple pages on a single website, element individuality, separate content presentation, and surface designing templates. It also allowed the users to enjoy the pleasing aesthetically design, accessible, and usable features while visiting the websites.

New Web Flat Design (Responsive Web Design):

After the CSS advancement in 2010, web designers introduced the new advancement by the name of the flat design which is also known as the name of responsive web design. The thing that makes this advancement unique was its different style of usage of the CSS and HTML.

With the help of this creative advancement, a designer can enjoy the adaptive responding, try different kinds of environment display, and facilitate their selves with easy and maximum efficiency on the desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

Plus, another thing that makes this advancement creative is its efficient development and maintenance, better minimalist two-dimensional style feature stability, and the emphasis of ornament element design over the functionality. Rest, it also reduces the design complexity, makes your buttons and icons more attractive, and gives your content a graceful look.

Future Enhancement:

After reading the mentioned-above facts, it is clear that web designing is still on way towards betterment. So, we can expect that in the upcoming period, we can get some more advanced features through which we can make our websites more sophisticated and prominent.

Ending Notes:

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