Beverage refrigerators What you need to know

Posted by AldoMoore on January 19th, 2015

Purchasing a beverage refrigerator can be hard for some people. If you follow your living style, you can find a good refrigerator for your home easily. However, there are still some important things that you must know about the beverage refrigerators before purchasing. These will help you find a good refrigerator that will fulfill all your demands.

Choosing the area to keep your refrigerator

Before purchasing any beverage refrigerator, you must choose a place to keep it. It can be anywhere in your home such as your living room, kitchen, or basement. The choice depends on you. However, this can affect the buying. You have to buy the refrigerator that suits the location in your home that you have made for it. Some people prefer to keep refrigerators in their living area so that they have easy access to the beverages. This is a good idea, but you have to find a refrigerator that is super quiet and has a great design as well. It must suit the rest of your living area décor. Some people like to keep it in basement where they can keep large quantity of beverages. Some even like to make separate cabinets for built-in beverage refrigerators. They are good for carrying more than enough beverages.

Temperature and beverage refrigerators

When purchasing a beverage refrigerator, you must know about the temperature zones. Usually, these refrigerators are meant to maintain a temperature range of 55 to 59 degree Fahrenheit with little fluctuation. This ideal temperature range is good for storing most of the beverages. There are two types of temperature zones:

  • Single Temperature Zone: In this temperature zone, the refrigerator maintains a constant temperature of 55 to 59 degree Fahrenheit for the entire unit. At this temperature, there is no premature aging of wines, but it is not ideal for all beverages. Some other wines such as red wines need different storage temperature.
  • Dual Temperature Zone: This is a great way to store different wines or beverages at different temperatures. You can give different temperatures to different units. This way, preserving your wines becomes easy.

Design of refrigerator

Design features are also key features that you must check while purchasing the beverage refrigerator. The features such as locks, internal lightning, door hinges, door design, and others are important to check before purchasing. The design of the refrigerator must compliment with your home décor. This is the most important factor. In addition, the design must give a comfortable way of usage to the user. Internal lighting must not be very harsh. UV lights and incandescent lights may cause damage to the wine. However, LED lights are great for keeping them safe. These features are important to look while purchasing.


Choosing the thermostat option

Thermostat options are included in every beverage refrigerator, but they vary a lot. The main types of options are manual, electronic, and one-touch. The manual operation allows you to manually adjust the temperature, but it can be tricky to get the right temperature. Electronic and one-touch systems are great to have an automated temperature control that is determined by the optimum temperature range already stored in them.

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