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Posted by Kruse Skou on February 14th, 2021

About power Bi, Microsoft has an exam certification. Many small partners have become thinking about this certification, but they are confused about any of it exam. They do not understand how to subscribe, what the exam content is and how exactly to get ready for it. Agnes J (also a guest of powerbi) just passed the certification study of powerbi recently, so she's invited to talk about her learning and examination experience with you. So there clearly was today's high-quality article, about Microsoft certification, test fees, test content and test preparation materials, agnesj has been doing a detailed introduction in this article. Author: Agnes J recently, I successfully reached the Microsoft MCSA: BI Reporting The aim of certification is always to successfully pass two certification examinations at one time: 70-778: analyze and visualize data with Microsoft power Bi 70-779: use Microsoft Excel Analyzing and visualizing data it's found that the complete process isn't as difficult needlessly to say, and only takes about 4 weeks to organize. Today's article is to strike while the iron is hot to share the relevant information regarding the power Bi certificate and my own, personal examination experience. Finally, I shall attach some invaluable materials, hoping to assist you. To start with, let's popularize what is powerbi certification for friends who have not experienced touch with Microsoft certification system. Actually , it ought to be called MCSA: BiReporting。 MCSA is among the certificates in Microsoft's role-based authentication system, and its name is Microsoft Certified Solutions associate. MCSA: BI Reporting Is among the paths of the certificate, which aims to prove the technical personnel's professional knowledge of analyzing data in power Bi and excel. The related technologies involved include although not limited to data analysis, data visualization, modeling, control panel and direct reference to data sources in Excel and power Bi. To understand this certification, you'll need to pass two examinations, 70-778 and 70-779 (in any order). After that, you are able to take an exam linked to data management and analysis, and you will get a more valuable MCSE (Microsoft Certified data management and analysis solution expert) certificate. Attach a complete picture of Microsoft certification system: the official conditions are: candidates should have the ability to design, develop and deploy data analysis solutions using power pivot, power query, power Bi and powermap on Excel and power Bi. But Personally, i think that anyone who is filled with love for data analysis and power Bi is qualified. We have to have the courage in an attempt to experience. FirstWhen the explanation for the rush, obviously, is to prove their technical strength. Behind a MCSA certificate is your mastery of a technology, your working back ground and rich working experience. Career development needs. Whether you are looking for employment or already employed in the field of data analysis, should you want to add color to your resume, having this kind of official certificate of Microsoft certification will certainly provide you with a lot of opportunities and recognition. After introducing the certificate, I'd like to briefly speak about 70-778 and 70-779. Register for the test on the official internet site: the test is computer-based, and you may decide to simply take it in the test center or at your house. There are 45 to 50 multiple-choice questions, and the test time is 120 minutes. Among them, the first six or so are single choices that can not be changed after selection, and the following questions have single choice or multiple choices. You are able to go back to check after selection. The sum total score of the test is 1000 points, 700 points can pass. Well, the conditions have become relaxed. The examination fee is US 5 (US 5 in China). There exists a certain discount for student status. It is also registered on the official internet site: except that the information of the examination is different from 70-778, the form, time, cost and passing conditions of the examination will be the identical to 70-778. To introduce here, you need to have a simple understanding of both of these examinations. As for the particular investigation content and knowledge distribution of each examination, you are able to look at official internet site for comparisonDetailed understanding. Now I invite you to view my exam experience, hehe. I took the 70-778 test first. After I signed up online, I also chose to take the test in the home. As the time of the test site is relatively less, of course, if I simply take the test at home, I could choose to take the test at weekends and each morning, so I thought we would simply take the test in the home. 70-778 has been preparing for three weeks. I am very nervous ahead of the first exam. Even though I have already been in touch with powerbi for a year and a half, I still feel just a little scared when I meet with the exam. The afternoon prior to the examination, I ensured that my computer met the examination standard in line with the requirements of examination notes. On the afternoon of the examination, I entered the examination interface 15 minutes in advance, after which an Indian operator said hello to me in Indian accent english, verified my ID information, checked my surrounding environment, and after every one of the procedures, the invigilator said how to contact him if there was a problem, and then released the examination to me in advance. I have a total of 52 questions and 6 right and wrong multiple-choice questions in this exam. It took me 40 minutes to finish all the questions, which is much shorter than expected. The harder part for me is the part related to power Bi service, because I've less contact in my daily work. The very best part is data modeling and data visualization, which will be related to DAX and various views. I was very nervous for the entire forty minutes, but following the exam, I found out that I had a missed call from the United StatesThe system detected that my computer was abnormal when I started the exam, so they couldn't invigilate the exam. Scared me in a cold sweat, but I've finished the exam and passed it. What's the matter? Ah, regardless of. Luckily, it's not dangerous. About ten minutes later, I can see my results updated in my exam account. Cheera, I'm so happy. Microsoft will need the initiative to declare that you subscribe to another exam: 70-779, which is not at all hard. I only prepared for about per week ahead of the exam, and all things considered, I've already had exam experience and passed it smoothly. After passing the two courses, you'll get the certification of MCSA: Bi reporting! What I'll speak about next is essential for individuals who want to simply take the exam - the materials that you need to read to get ready for the exam. This book is also one of my introductory books. It absolutely was compiled by a new man from Australia. The contents of the book can correspond to the contents of the exam one at a time. Additionally, it has exam guidelines plus some exercises. It's ideal for kids with good English level. This course also corresponds to the exam content. It's very good for connecting knowledge points based on being familiar with power Bi. The disadvantage is it is taught in English, but it has Chinese subtitles. It of real questions is actually very important, but here I counsel you not to genuinely believe that those websites selling real questions on the Internet often pay for a single question, but if you consider the webpage watchfully, the introduction is extremely official, making people can't believe it. I'd like to recommend some that I have usedFree exercise internet site, that will be very near to the test questions, an excellent practice will be very helpful oh. Accelerated 30 quiz there are about 50 questions in total, which can be trained over and over. 35 quiz this website is extremely user friendly, and the ability is near to the real exam situation. But for the answers to the questions, we must distinguish them by our own eyes. When I practiced, I came across that there were some problems in the answers to many questions. Nevertheless , after contacting mcdougal, he has corrected them, but I don't eliminate other incorrect answers. That's all for today's sharing. If you want to know more about 778 and 779, please leave a note below and tell us. I'll continue steadily to write. Thank agnesj for sharing. After reading, are you acquainted with all aspects of the certification examination? In fact , it's not too difficult. If you have conditions, you can test it. [powerbi planet member benefits]#@@#@!! join the knowledge planet and be an associate of powerbi planet. You can get the electronic version of two exam books (worth ) for free, as well as the selected exercises collected by agnesj while preparing for the exam. You can also directly ask her about the details of the exam. In short, in the event that you intend to simply take the exam, powerbi will help you get the certification more smoothly. Don't neglect to want it. ecco il sito! microsoft MS 900

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