How to Prevent Explosions (And Other Power Generator Safety Precautions)

Posted by rlnenergyservices on January 20th, 2015

The most important aspect of working around power generators is the safety of workers themselves. Maintaining and installing power generators can be risky, and experienced professionals must take every precaution to keep them and their coworker’s safe at all times.

Use the following tips to help increase safety precautions and prevent major problems with power generators:

Keep the Area Clear of Combustible Items:

Never bring flammable items near a power generator. The smallest leak could cause a massive explosion at any time.

Some combustible items include matches and lighters, aerosol cans, gasoline and more. TO further decrease the chance of an explosion from occurring, make sure there is proper airflow throughout the premises.

Turn Off and Disconnect All Power Sources:

One of the basic safety issues taught in power generation training is to take precautions when beginning to work on a power generator. The first thing you do before you begin work is to turn off and disconnect all power sources leading to the generator.

Disconnect any battery cable connected to the generator and let the unit cool down before you and your coworkers begin to work.

Insulation and Water:

Make sure all electrical connections associated with the unit you're working with are insulated at all times. If you notice an insulation issue, retrieve the proper materials and cover the connections right away.

If you notice any standing water near any electrical connections or the power generator itself, stop work immediately and remove the water.

Maintain the Unit and Replace Broken Parts:

Every time you perform work on a power generator, check to see if there are any broken or neglected parts that need to be replaced. Not doing so can have fatal consequences for both you and individuals who perform work after your shift.

The Importance of Fire Extinguishers:

Every structure built should contain a fire extinguisher, and power generator facilities are no different.

Make sure there is at least one fire extinguisher within a few feet of the power generator that hasn't expired. You should also ensure that the fire extinguisher you use doesn't contain any tetra-chloride.

Manufacturer's Instructions are there for a Reason:

Follow any instructions you have written by the manufacturer at all times. While the vast majority of power generators are the same, some small nuances differ from model to model. When in doubt, consult an operation and maintenance manual for the best guidance.

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About the Company:
RLN Energy Services is an Edmonton, Alberta based company that specializes in the sale and resale of heavy power equipments. It is a privately held corporation with a team of highly experienced &skilled technicians in mechanical and electrical industries. RLN Energy Services provides sales of various power system equipments that includes natural gas equipments, portable power plants, diesel generator sets, turbine powered equipment & more. Along with the sale of power equipments, they also focus on training specific services for the maintenance, safety, switching operations & associated tools in the industry.

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