Tips To Take Care Of Your Garage Door Maintenance

Posted by Secure for Sure on February 15th, 2021

With daily use, automatic doors can suffer breakdowns, although you can avoid these if control is carried out. Therefore, today we tell you some tips for the garage door maintenance.

1. Keep your garage door access clean.

An excellent way to keep the engine in good condition is to keep the garage door access clean. With this, you will not be able to force the engine.

Sometimes, such as in autumn, dry leaves may accumulate at the entrance to the automatic door. It can cause the engine to break down by having to use greater force to open.

2. Check that the garage door motor does not sound strange.

Noise can be a sign of a malfunction, so check that the garage door motor doesn't sound strange. And if you notice noises that you had not heard before when operating the door to open or close it, contact specialists in garage door maintenance.

A squeaking sound can be a sign of jams that can cause the door to derail. And this would entail a high cost of repair, so it is better to prevent and control it entirely.

3. Pay special attention to the electric plate in times of cold and rain.

Moisture and liquids that seep into the motor can damage it, so pay special attention to the electric hob in times of cold and rain.

Even if garage door motors are sealed, they are susceptible to water entering them or moisture build-up. If that happens, it is vital to detect it as soon as possible not to break down.

4. Grease the garage door regularly.

Proper lubrication of engine parts is key to good maintenance; Oil your garage door regularly, and you'll make sure it works perfectly.

Taking care of this aspect is essential so that the door does not suffer damage, as the parts will take much longer to wear out.

If the garage door motor does not work correctly, contact a specialized company.

When you leave or enter with your vehicle, if the garage door motor does not work correctly, contact a specialized company.

5. Don't use the garage door as a pedestrian crossing.

One of the main problems is the overuse of these mechanisms to save walking meters, which means adding at least two movements (opening and closing) to each event, multiplying the number of maneuvres of a door.

We cannot forget that a door is a machine in which different mechanical elements are in friction, generating wear. In the long term, it is a sure source of problems, by increasing the movements.

6. Clean around the door periodically.

The door opening and the spaces around it are well cleaned to facilitate operation. It is because the tendency to collect dust, leaves, bags or other objects causes jams.

The small animals or insects also good clog the system or accidentally damage its proper functioning.

7. Maintains adequate lubrication of the equipment

The use of oil is essential for the elements in friction. Grease over time and contact with dirt or a low temperature becomes caked, becoming stable and causing recurring breakdowns.

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