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Posted by sophiamilller on January 21st, 2015

Most people want to decorate their homes with various unique items few others have. There are quite a few options you have at hand for this and you must take the time to explore all of them. Large framed photos are a great way to keep your memories fresh, canvas paintings can also provide the decoration you seek, but is there any other option?These things are common in every household and you should use them as well, but you also need something that stands out. Even if you want to keep your memories intact and even if you want to appreciate the skill of an artist with a brush on a flat canvas, you can try something better. A pysanky is one of the things you should think about.

A pysanky is an egg made out of real eggshell that serves as the canvas for the artist. Instead of using paints and a brush to apply the ornamental design, the final result is obtained with the help of styluses. To make matters more interesting, instead of paint, beeswax is used. It is heated and colored to the artist’s desires to obtain the best final result.Traditionally, real eggs were used to make the pysanky during Easter and it was meant to be shared or consumed. The designs of these eggs are usually made out of folk symbols. Sometimes the artist can also choose a religious model or characters from the bible. If the decorated wooden eggs do not satisfy your decorative desires and you want to find something more extravagant, there are other options.

Faberge eggs

These are decorated to impress and they use brighter colors, golden threads and precious stones. Original Faberge eggs cost a fortune and the last thing you would want to do is leave them lying around the house. But you can also find a range of decorative pieces that use similar designs and they are perfect to place in any part of the house.

One of the other things you have to keep in mind is that the Faberge eggs, even the decorative ones, also have a functional option. They are hollow inside and they can be opened as well. This offers a great place to store jewelry items or other treasured keepsakes. They will also look amazing when you put them on top of your dresser.If you are interested in finding any of these decorative pieces for your home, at affordable prices, you should turn to the web for answers. There are a number of sources you can use for this, but if you are looking for the original quality, the site of will provide the centerpiece for your home.

 A pysanky is one of the best decorative pieces you can use, but Faberge eggs are a much more extravagant option. If you are looking for the best creations made in Russia, the site named before is where you will find the items that will take your breath away.

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