Recommendation preface written by Mr Zhu Shaomin for the road of exploratory testing practice

Posted by Cole Fyhn on February 15th, 2021

"it's quite a distance to go, I'll go up and down to seek" is from Qu Yuan's masterpiece Lisao. After employed in IT industry for quite a while, I discovered that few people can recite the full text of Lisao, but both of these poems are familiar to everyone else. Each one of us, especially the teenagers who have just emerge from school, are looking forward to the near future, with ideals within our hearts, yearning for a much better life and pursuing career success, and so are tirelessly exploring the as yet not known world. "exploration" is an inspiring word. Whenever we are listless, someone tells us: "come and watch discovery channel! " We'll be in a minute. The not known world is indeed attractive, which explains why "Discovery Channel" has become the most readily useful documentary channel in the world. It will help us to locate not known corners in technology, nature, history, culture and other aspects. Even if we all know something, it could bring us new pictures and new enjoyment from a unique angle and with superb shooting technology. Pc software testing industry isn't any exception. Every tester is always exploring the not known space of computer software testing, trying to find new techniques and technologies. The more he explores, the more he feels that we now have more what to learn. Consequently, it will urge us to explore harder. "There is a long way to go, and I will search along. ". in the entire field of pc software development, people have found many approaches to solve problems, but so far they have not had the oppertunity to find a complete solution to any or all problems. There's absolutely no silver bullet in neuro-scientific computer software engineeringThe methods or practices found in the development process can just only solve area of the problems, but can not completely solve some problems. In the field of testing, this feature is more obvious. Everyone knows that testing cannot be exhausted, testing can't be 100%, you will find always areas that may not be detected, and there are always defects left, which leaves us room enough to explore. Exploratory testing The emergence of testing (ET) is correctly because there are many unknown things in the application system, which are difficult to get simple and fast verification. We need to change our thinking, to not complete the test in a set mode, but to change a brand new mode to try, to be able to improve the test efficiency. More importantly, allow test process become a part of scientific exploration, and make the tasteless test work Transform it in to an interesting exploration and complete the test while enjoying the work. the two authors with this book, Shi Liang (@ Shi Liang SL) of Microsoft and Gao Xiang (@ Ji Ge can be Jerry) of Taobao, are my old friends. They are the first practitioners of exploratory testing in China, trying to present the stunning exploratory testing facing us through this book, to ensure that we are able to start to see the a few ideas, techniques, technologies and tools of exploratory testing. I also see the first draft of this book carefully, plus they did. when speaking about exploratory testing, we can't help mentioning James A. Whittaker's book "exploratory pc software testing". Before that, only this book discussed exploratory testing comprehensively, from local exploratory testing to world wide exploratory testingCompare the tester to a traveler, introduce us how exactly to roam in various areas (such as commercial area, historical area, entertainment area, etc . ), after which reveal how to utilize the roam solution to test used and how to introduce changes in different scenes. James did show us a whole lot of exploratory testing methods or methods, and opened our testing ideas, but James's "exploratory computer software testing" also has some shortcomings, such as for instance: falling in to roaming, nearly equating "exploratory testing" to "roaming". It didn't explain the background of exploratory testing plainly, and didn't explain the thinking mode of exploratory testing well. Without telling us how exactly to execute exploratory testing from the beginning to the end, that's, the entire testing process from test planning, analysis (exploratory testing preparation stage) to create / implementation, we don't know how to manage exploratory testing and just how to control the potential risks brought by exploratory testing. It doesn't inform us how exactly to combine exploratory testing and script-based testing, however in reality we need to combine them to make a complete and reliable testing space. The book "the road to exploratory testing practice" published by Shi Liang and Gao Xiang just comprises for the shortcomings of James A. Whittaker's "exploratory pc software testing". The structure of the book is clear, which enables us to understand "context driven testing school" and "exploratory testing school"After that, we can systematically master the particular types of exploratory test analysis, design and implementation, including several practical testing tools. Additionally , four chapters are specialized in introduce just how to implement and manage exploratory testing, including session based test management. How exactly to combine exploratory testing and script-based testing is discussed in detail. Two common application modes are mainly introduced: exploratory testing led testing and exploratory testing assisted testing. The book can be very practical. All the contents in the book may be applied after learning and may produce effects after using. in the Internet age, agile techniques are far more and more popular today. What's needed are evolving faster and faster, and the iteration cycle is more and more frequent. It's the time for exploratory testing. I really hope this book might help you execute a better job in agile testing and become your spouse in work. ZHU Shaomin professor of Tongji Academy, senior expert of certified scrum master and cstqb, and member of the training index Committee of School of software, University of science and technology of China. He has been engaged in computer software development, testing, QA and process improvement for nearly 20 years, and has high attainments in the field of computer software engineering. He has performed a whole lot of exploration and practice in pc software testing process improvement, automation techniques and test management, and advocated higher level computer software engineering ideas such as for example "whole process computer software testing" and "defect prevention". Qingdao, Hefei, Anhui Province, the Ministry of machinery industry and many other scientific and technological achievementsProgress Award. He has edited many technical works, such as for example perfect test, whole process software test, and so on She In color block coat spo to club

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