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A college student applying for a network administrator showed his FOXBASE certificate to prove his ability during the interview, which made the staff unable to laugh or cry, and the applicant could not figure out what certification he had got before he was able to be a network administrator. Many people want to change their lives by getting the IT industry certificate. But in the face of a wide range of IT certification certificates, it often costs a lot to get the certificate that is not consistent with the position you are looking for, which wastes energy and money blindly. When it comes to certification in the IT industry, it can be roughly divided into two types: one is the certification of major enterprises, such as Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Cisco (Cisco) certification examination, mainly for a special technology, with particularity; one is the examination and certification held by the relevant national institutions, which is to assess whether someone in a field reaches a certain standard, with universality, such as the National Computer Rank Examination (NCRE), the National Computer Application Technology certificate examination (NIT), etc. Next, let's take a closer look at some of the more popular IT enterprise certification examinations, to understand their characteristics, suitable for the crowd, gold content, etc. readers can recognize the re examination. IBM certification: good quality and low price for students IBM certification system, starting from the initial OS / 2, mainly includes IBM eServer iSeries, AIX and IBM eServer pSeries, IBM DB2 informationN management, IBM, WebSphere, XML, lotus, e-business, Linux, etc. The content involves operating system, system management and application development. It is a huge authentication system. In 2005, the average examination fee for IBM Global professional certification was RMB 1000 per course. As IBM professional certification examination project is an integral part of IBM China University cooperation project, training courses are mainly carried out in Colleges and universities. In order to reduce the financial burden of college students, IBM University Cooperation Department subsidizes the certification examination fees of Chinese college students. The examination fee is much lower than other expensive examination fees. Among them, the non credit course examination is 150 yuan per course, and the credit course examination is 75 yuan per course. It costs only a hundred yuan to get a certificate, which is the most cost-effective choice for students without financial resources. Unlike other IT certification, IBM mainly carries out certification with partner universities. If you want to apply for the examination or training, you can contact the IBM University Cooperation Department of the corresponding university directly. Microsoft Certification: a new authoritative system is taking shape on October 25, 2005, Microsoft officially announced a new certification system and time schedule, which is the biggest change since the establishment of MCP certification system in 1992. The new certification system is divided into three levels: Microsoft technology series certification,Microsoft Professional Certification and Microsoft architect certification. The technology level certificate, without any restrictions, can be obtained by passing one or three examinations, which means that candidates have the ability to master the core technical skills of Microsoft technology. The MCTs certification in the new system belongs to this level. Professional level certificate, divided into it professional certification and professional developer certification, certification proves that candidates have the comprehensive skills required for a successful job. You need to hold the certificate of technology specialist first, and then take one to three exams to get the corresponding certificate. Architect level certificate, which is Microsoft's top certificate, proves that candidates are top experts in it architecture field. For example, MCA certification (Microsoft Certified Architect) in this series has very strict requirements. Candidates are required to have 10 years of working experience in IT industry and 3 years of working experience as an architect. The test evaluation cycle is as long as one week, and the test cost is as high as 000. Certificate has time limit, and introduces the concept of re authentication. With Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, SQL ServerWith the official release of 2005 and 2006, a new generation of Microsoft certification system will gradually take shape in the second half of 2006. Now the relatively unfamiliar MCTs, MCITP, MCPD certification will be as familiar as MCSE certification. A person in the industry said that Microsoft certification has the highest popularity in foreign IT certification, and the number of people who take the examination and pass the certification is also the largest, because Microsoft has the largest market share in the computer operating system, so it is relatively universal to pass the Microsoft certification. The work of using Microsoft's products, such as maintaining windows server system, needs the corresponding authentication of server management. Cisco certification: Pyramid of training system the training system of Cisco can be represented by pyramid. The certification system consists of two directions: network installation and support track and network engineering and design track. Each direction is divided into three technical levels, namely associate, professional and expert. Associate is the foundation of the lowest level of the pyramid, professional is the middle part, and expert is the spire. The bottom one isCCNA (Cisco Certified Network Support Engineer), a basic certification of Cisco certification system, must have CCNA qualification before taking the CCNP examination. At the same time, it can also be said that it is the one who gets the most in all Cisco certification. At the top is CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet expert). CCIE is the earliest one in Cisco certificate examination, which started in 1994. It is also one of the most valuable certificates in the industry, and one of the most difficult certificates to obtain. Before taking the CCIE examination, you don't need to obtain other certificates from Cisco, but you must pass the written examination (CCIE) to take the CCIE lab. Later, Cisco added many certificates that are easier to obtain than CCIE. It is reported that Cisco recently added two new titles of storage certification to a series of Cisco qualifications: Cisco storage networking design specialist and Cisco storage networking support specialist. Oracle certification: database certification is the largest company in the world Oracle not only launched RDBMS first in the world, but also in fact holds most of the market share, to some extent, oraIt has become the pronoun of RDBMS. Oracle certification expert - OCP, is authorized by Oracle international examination certification center for the qualification of candidates. Candidates are required to take 3-5 courses according to the examination standard. Database Administrator certification (ocpdba) is a very popular authoritative professional certification, issued and implemented by Oracle company. To get the certificate, you need to pass five certification examinations. At present, OCP certification examination is divided into: database administrator, database administrator examination certification, referred to as DBA. The database administrator is responsible for the daily management, backup and recovery of the database after the database crash. Database operators are mainly based on Oracle 8 database management of Windows NT, and can skillfully use OEM and other tools to complete the operation and daily management of the database; database developer database developer certification examination, referred to as dev. Database developers should be able to skillfully use developer / 2000 tools to build various forms applications and various standard and custom reports; Java Developer: Java developer examination; Application Consultant: Oracle product application consultingConsult a consultant. Among them, Oracle DBA is the most popular, but also the most difficult certification. At present, the cost of each OCP exam is 5. Sybase certification examination: 90 countries have to recognize that Sybase is the world's largest enterprise software provider focusing on information management and information mobile technology. The company's database system software features high confidentiality and accuracy. Sybase's cpd certificate can be recognized in 90 countries around the world. Obtaining the certificate is proved to have the first-class data protection and error correction ability, which is another trump card for the employment of database related personnel. In 2004, Sybase officially launched cpd certification examination in China. Sybase certification examination is divided into associate and professional levels, including: cpd Associate (Sybase certified PowerBuilder developer associate), which requires certain experience in PowerBuilder development, and systematically and skillfully grasps the concepts related to PowerBuilder Application Development Based on client / server architecture; Casa Associate (Sybase certified Adaptive Server) Administrator-AssoIt requires Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5 skills in application design, system management and technical support. CSD Associate (Sybase certified SQL developer associate) requires to be able to design effective applications and write effective SQL programs that conform to enterprise rules and operate data; cpd professional (Sybase certified PowerBuilder) Casa professional (Sybase certified adaptive server administrator) requires deep experience in PowerBuilder Application Development, and can design effective, reusable and maintainable programs -It requires the system to master and master the concepts of database design and management, system performance adjustment and optimization, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting. Sun certification: get a certificate and get a good job SPOTO is a leader in the field of open network computing and the largest UNIX system supplier in the world In 1995, Sun company created Java programming language, after 10 years of wind and rain, Java has become the mainstream technology in the field of software development in the world, and is listed as one of the three main points of information technology in the world. Therefore, the certification examination held by Sun company is bound to become the recognized standard of Java and UNIX in the global information industry. Having relevant certificates, especially some practical high-end certificates such as J2EE enterprise designers, will undoubtedly gain broad employment space and strong employment competitiveness. Sun's professional certification includes the following three kinds: java certification exam, Solaris System management certification exam and Solaris network management certification exam. Java authentication is mainly for Java programmers. At the same time, this certification is the only java certification authorized by sun in the industry. Sun's certification in software development can be divided into six categories: Java programmer (scjp), Java Developer (sCJD), web component developer (SCWCD), business component developer (SCBCD), Enterprise Architect (SCEA) and sun J2EE enterprise Designer Certification. For Solaris / Sun OS system administrators, sun introduces certified Solaris administrator (CSA). CSA is divided into two levels to test the management of Solaris System. The level of understanding. The Solaris network management certification test tests the user's ability of Solaris network management, and sun introduces certified network administrator (CNA). The content includes basic network concept, routing and subnet, security, performance, DNS, NIS, etc. Almost every well-known IT enterprise has its own product certification. For example, Novell certification, Adobe certification, HP certification, Intel certification, Prometric certification and so on. Different certification represents different understanding of the market by training institutions, enterprises and examiners. "In 2000, Microsoft MSCe certification was very popular. It was claimed that the monthly salary for finding a job with this certificate was no less than 6000 yuan, which was very high in 2000. At that time, I and Feng spent 6000 yuan on the exam, just reciting the exam questions. Now there are very few people in this certification examination, and I will no longer do it blindly. " Li Tongtong, director of Information Department of Fudan University Graduate Association, said. In the field of it, there is no one kind of certificate is a "panacea". Due to the characteristics of IT industry, its division of labor is very fine, such as Internet, database, office software application, software development, computer installation, debugging and maintenance, graphics and image processing and other different fields. With the development of IT industry, new areas will continue to appear, new computer certification. Books will come into being, and old certificates will be constantly updated. as the value of all kinds of it certificates has shrunk, many employers begin to test the practical ability of candidates instead of trusting all kinds of certificates. The reporter interviewed some Microsoft staff, who agreed that Microsoft paid more attention to practical ability than certificate. Textual research is only a means of testing, not an end. Don't think that if you have certification, you will get high salary. It's most important to study technology in a down-to-earth way. Spoto CCNA

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